The Short Term Rental: How to Explore the World

As of 2021, around one in four Americans are remote workers. This may not be a permanent situation, but the fact is that many are working from home for the foreseeable future.

And some of those workers also have the freedom to work anywhere they like! This has led to a boom in short-term rental accommodation allowing workers to enjoy extended trips in different locations.

If you are a remote worker or digital nomad, you now have tons of choices with regards to quality, affordable accommodation options.

But what are your options? Which are the best sites to look for short-term apartment rentals and other long-stay options? This guide has all the information and resources you need to live around the world.

Vacation Home Rentals

The most obvious choice of short-term rental accommodation is the vacation home rental market. Vacation homes are houses, apartments, or condos that were residential but are now rented out to short-stay guests. Most travelers use them as an alternative to hotels.

But you can also rent vacation homes for a couple of months at a time, too.

There are many pros to this type of short-term rental. The homes are already furnished and set up for short stays, and the one-off fee includes all accommodation expenses and bills.

But there are some cons, too, as many vacation homes are not set up for longer stay remote workers. Their WiFi is often not fast enough for work purposes. And many vacation rentals do not offer laundry facilities for their guests.

This can also be a very expensive short-term rental option. But if you have location flexibility, you could choose a cheaper region. And you can always message vacation rental managers and ask if they offer discounts for month-long stays.

Resources for Vacation Home Rentals

There are many different vacation home rental sites where you can find this type of accommodation. Here are some popular options:

  • Airbnb
  • VRBO
  • HomeToGo
  • Homestay
  • TripAdvisor

Often, vacation home management teams list their properties across several sites. But this is not the case for every property, so check more than one site to increase your options.

Vacation home rental laws are different in every city and country. Make sure you check the local rental industry guidelines before booking.

Corporate Housing

Exactly what is corporate housing and how is it different from other short-term apartment rentals? Well, it is not that different but the industry is much more established.

Corporate housing refers to furnished homes for employed workers living somewhere for a temporary basis due to their job. Industries that often use this type of short-term rental include the military, large corporations, and show businesses.

Companies that have business travel requirements for their staff often work with the same rental companies. They also often pay for the accommodation on behalf of the employee.

Corporate housing is likely cheaper than vacation home rentals.

Resources for Corporate Housing                                                            

If you want to find out more about renting corporate housing as an individual, here are some companies to research:

  • Team Housing
  • 2nd Address
  • Corporate Housing By Owner
  • National Corporate Housing

The main benefit of corporate housing is that the accommodation is often high quality. Most have great amenities like gyms and security. They are likely not former residential homes in suburbs, but condos in the city.

Short-Term Apartment Rentals

Short-term apartment rentals are comparable to corporate housing rentals. The main difference is that they are often let by private owners, not companies. These apartments vary in quality and are in more residential, suburban areas.

This option is often cheaper than the corporate housing and you can live more like a local. But they do not have one company vetting every listing, so scams are more common.

Resources for Short-Term Apartment Rentals

Here are some sites that list short-term residential apartments around the world:

  • Flatio
  • Idealista
  • Nomad Rental
  • Roomi

Few rental sites only list short-term rentals, so you will need to filter out the long-term rentals. And most short-term rental sites are destination-specific rather than worldwide.

It is a new but growing market, so the number of digital nomad short-term rental sites will keep growing, too. You can also find short-term residential rentals on Facebook groups and Craigslist.

Co-Living Spaces and Hostels

This is the most budget option of the short-term rental options and allows those on lower salaries to work while exploring the world.

Co-living spaces tend to be hostels that offer huge discounts to guests that stay longer than one month. They also have co-working spaces or desks for remote working guests. Depending on the hostel, these are either included in the fee or available for an extra charge.

Like backpacker hostels, you stay in a dorm room with other guests and use a shared kitchen and bathroom. The other guests and staff often have great travel tips and organize group tours and hostel entertainment.

It is not an ideal choice if you need a lot of space and a quiet environment. But you are more likely to make friends and have the traditional “backpacker” experience by staying in hostels.

Resources for Co-Living Spaces and Hostels

Many hostels allow long-stay guests, but they do not offer the facilities that remote workers need. Here are some sites that are either co-living hostel chains or advertise co-living spaces around the world:

  • Selina Hostels
  • CoDE Co-Living
  • Safestay Hostels
  • Nine Co-Living
  • Ostello Bello

If they do not appear to offer longer stay discounts when booking through a third-party site or via their own website, contact them. Some might only offer discounts when asked.

When living and working in a hostel, remember to take safety precautions with your tech. Never leave your laptop unattended and put it in your locker before you go to sleep.

Live on the Road With These Short-Term Rental Options 

With so much choice, you are bound to find the ideal short-term rental option for you. Now, you don’t have to choose between travel and a career because you can do both!

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