How Do You Know If The Window Of An Old House Needs To Be Replaced?

Certain signs of weakness can reveal the wear of your joinery and its lack of insulation. In this case, the defect concerns all of the joineries, which must be replaced by new wood, aluminum, or PVC equipment. Therefore, here is the list of criteria that prove that your windows need to be changed or there is a need for Patio sliding door repair for example, whatever their material of manufacture.

A Feeling Of Cold Near Your Joinery

Do you feel cold and draughts near your window or patio door? This sign is indicative of a leak in your carpentry! A problem may be damaged caulking joints or single glazing that lets air in, cold in and heat out. Result: your heating bill skyrockets!

The Presence Of Condensation On The Panes Of Your Windows Or Patio Doors

In a home, condensation forms when air meets a cold surface. If condensation forms on the inside wall of your windows, it may be due to thermal bridges around the edge of your joinery. If condensation forms between the two double-glazing panes, the latter no longer performs its role of insulation correctly and should then be replaced.

The Presence Of Mold On The Walls Surrounding Your Joinery

Mold on the walls around your window may be due to irreversible water infiltration. However, the latter can come from a defect in the sealing of your carpentry!

The Impossibility Of Opening Or Closing Your Joinery

Do you find it hard to close your window? These are probably due to a technical or mechanical malfunction which can be handled by Apex Window Werks for instance, in the hardware or the handle, for example.

The Degradation Of The Window Frame Of Your House

Over time and due to bad weather, the paint on your old windows can peel off, while the frame can swell or become deformed. These inconveniences are frequent when it comes to a wooden frame, a living material that works over time, unlike PVC and aluminum.

You don’t want to replace your windows right away? Solutions allow you to insulate them without changing them: installation of thermal curtains, the addition of an additional window, installation of overglazing, etc.

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If the degree of defect in your joinery is less, it may simply need to be adjusted or repaired

This is the case in the following situations:

Replacement of silicone, foam, or rubber gaskets. Sold in rolls of different lengths and thicknesses, the seals are easy to install, whatever the material of manufacture of your windows, to ensure their airtightness and water tightness!

Repair or change a piece of hardware (or fittings): plugs, cremone bolts, lock, etc.

Replacing a broken window: in this case, do not hesitate to call a glazier to replace the window and not the carpentry in its entirety.