What Are the Various Causes of Leaking Water Heater?

In our daily lives, water heaters are amazing invention that can add incredible amount of comfort when they are working properly. Therefore, what you can do in case you suddenly find poor pressure or cold-water stream in the morning shower?

Obviously, it must be due to leak and hence start by looking around your tank and determine the source of leakage.

Following are few different sources of water heater leak.

  • Drain valve

One very common reason for any water heater to leak is due to loosened drain valve. If the drain valve becomes loose then it will slowly start leaking water. This can be easily fixed just by tightening the leaky valve with a wrench.

However, you need to be careful and not to tighten it too much but just tighten it until the valve is snug, but avoid using extra force on it.

  • Too much pressure

Next common reason for leaking of water heater is due to extra pressure inside the tank gets build up. This excess pressure may force the water getting leaked out of tank for reducing the pressure.

This is mostly due to the water temperature as heater may be set to very high temperature.

A defective valve for temperature pressure relief can also cause excess pressure buildup in hot water heater.

  • Too old tank

Usually, hot water heaters can last for many numbers of years. When they become quite old then corrosion and rusting will start taking their toll. If the corrosion is too bad then it may allow the water to leak out from the tank.

When this will happen, it is a sign that old hot water heater has to be replaced. In case you do not replace it in a timely manner then eventually it will lead to complete tank failure that may cause flooding in your house.

  • Condensation

Often your hot water heater may also trick homeowners into confusion that there may be a leak when actually nothing may be wrong actually. It is quite natural that condensation may occur on hot water heater.

As cold water enters the tank inside first, it may lead to condensation while the outside air may be hot. This may not be a major problem.

You can just wipe down your hot water heater and need not worry about the condensation can lead to serious problem.

Shortage of hot water may also mean that your tank needs servicing. So call the professional to get it serviced.