Do Mosquito Nets Work? How to Get Rid of Backyard Mosquitoes

Ah, summertime! The sound of cicadas in the air and the scratching of mosquito bites on your poor arms and legs.

It’s not much fun being outside in the summertime, especially when it’s also mosquito season. If you wish there was something you could do to make your backyard a mosquito-free zone, consider mosquito nets.

Even though they are ubiquitous in tropical South-East Asian countries, they haven’t made their mark in America yet. Let’s read on to see how you can use nets to act as a mosquito deterrent.

How To Use Mosquito Nets in Your Backyard

Mosquitos have these long, narrow mouthpieces (called a proboscis), which it uses to pierce the skin and suck the blood of their victims. These are called blood meals, and they are the reason why everyone around the world despises mosquitos.

But in certain countries, it isn’t just the itching and scratching that can be annoying about mosquito bites. It’s the fact that mosquitos carry and spread several diseases, like malaria, dengue fever, and more.

Either way, when you hang mosquito nets around your pagoda or in a certain section of your backyard, the nets will let air and light through, but will not allow the mosquitos to enter. The reason you hang the mosquito net around your pagoda and not your body is that the proboscis of a mosquito can pierce the net and get at you if you have the net draped around your body.

If you wish to go a step further, you could even use insecticide-treated nets (ITNs) to prevent mosquitos from coming anywhere near you and your loved ones.

Fogging Your Backyard

You might have tried mosquito nets in the past and found them inadequate. Or, you just want a solution where you don’t have to hide under a net every time you want to use your backyard space. Then consider fogging your backyard.

This backpack fogger can help you spray mosquito repellant all around your backyard, so mosquitos won’t deign to enter your backyard and annoy your family.

It is safe enough to use around your family and it can be the solution you are seeking to enjoy your backyard in peace again. Remember to fog your backyard a day or two before you are planning to use it, so the chemicals have time to work and you don’t end up breathing too much of it in when you are playing or working in your backyard.

Backyard Mosquitos Begone

You have paid a pretty penny to landscape and design your backyard so your family can have hours of fun and play there. But backyard mosquitos can make it hell to spend any time outdoors.

Use mosquito nets or foggers (or a combination of the two) to clear up the mosquito infestation and make your backyard a haven for your loved ones again.

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