How to Prevent an Apartment Complex Fire

Out of all fires last year, only 6% of them occurred in apartments. However, these fires caused 10% of civilian fire deaths and 19% of overall injuries.

An apartment complex fire can travel fast and cause devasting damages. To avoid this issue, it is essential to take certain safety precautions and have the right tools.

So, how can you prevent an apartment complex fire? Keep reading to find out.

Kitchen Safety

An apartment complex fire is likely to start in the kitchen especially during the cold winter months. Here are some safety tips to follow to prevent a kitchen fire:

  • Don’t leave food unattended on the stove
  • Keep towels and potholders away from the cooking area
  • Avoid wearing loose-fitting sleeves while cooking
  • Set a timer to remember to turn off the stove or oven when finished cooking
  • Keep a fire extinguisher in the apartment

Some states have fire safety laws that say a complex has to provide a fire extinguisher for every unit. If you don’t have one in your apartment, talk to the front office to see if they can provide you with one.

Laundry Room Safety

A lot of home fire safety tips are about the laundry room because fires can easily begin there. Whether you have a laundry area in your apartment or a shared laundry room in the building, follow these safety tips:

  • Ensure the dryer is installed and serviced by a professional
  • Avoid using the dryer without the lint filter
  • Clean the lint filter before and after each laundry load
  • Remove lint that collects around the drum of the dryer
  • Make sure the machine is connected to the right plug and outlet
  • Turn the dryer off when you leave the house or go to sleep

An apartment fire can start in any room of the apartment, but these areas are most common. If an apartment complex fire were to occur, hire a fire damage restoration company for guidance.

Overall Safety

Knowing how to prevent an apartment fire involves understanding overall fire safety tips. For example, if you have a space heater, turn it off before leaving the home or going to bed.

The same rule applies to candles. If using a candle, place it away from flammable materials like curtains and drapes.

These are other common tips to keep in mind for apartment living:

  • Use surge protectors to protect appliances
  • Don’t overload extension cords or circuits
  • Don’t run cords underneath the rugs or between rooms
  • Keep lighters and matches away from children
  • Don’t store flammable materials like propane tanks and gasoline in the apartment

Checking electrical cords connected to appliances regularly is important as frayed and cracked cords are potential fire hazards. If this is the case, unplug the cord immediately and have it replaced before reusing.

The Importance of Preventing an Apartment Complex Fire

Preventing an apartment complex fire should be on everyone’s to-do list. You don’t have to worry about fires 24/7 but make sure you are taking the appropriate safety precautions.

Ideally, you’ll need to keep an eye on kitchen appliances when cooking and ensure your laundry room equipment is cleaned and maintained. Focus on the tips in this guide to prevent a disastrous fire.

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