Dealing With a Broken Garage Door: How to Fix Garage Door Problems

Are you trying to figure out how to fix garage door problems? Read this article to learn more about dealing with a broken garage door.

A garage door can increase your home selling value by 97.5%.

A good garage door can also enhance the curb appeal of your home, and create beautiful first impressions.

However, most garage doors have a lifespan of less than twenty years, meaning that you may need to repair or replace them often. Other issues might also arise, and interfere with the natural appearance of the gate.

So, how do you fix garage door problems?  

If your garage door is broken, worry not. This guide will take you through the available options, to help you make an informed decision.

But first, here are the main signs which imply that your garage door is broken:

Signs of a Broken Garage Door

Besides the garage door off track sign, there are other obvious signs for a damaged door. Here are the common ones:

  • A door that won’t open or close
  • Unusual sounds when opening or closing the door
  • Loose springs/ visible gaps in the springs
  • Visible damages
  • Poor balance
  • The slow response period for the door

Common Causes for Garage Door Damage

Garage doors break due to many reasons. The initial step, therefore, for repairing the door is to understand the leading cause of the problem. Here are the main reasons behind damage, or any time of malfunctioning.

Wear and Tear

Wear is the most apparent reason for garage door damage. It mostly happens to the gates which have been in use for more than a decade.

Usually, the gate sustains too much pressure, adverse weather conditions, corrosions, and other negative impacts. These changes affect the efficiency of all the parts of the gate.

You may not readily prevent wear and tear, and so, the best solution is to replace the entire gate. You can also take it to remodeling experts to remake the most affected parts.


Rust can dramatically reduce the lifespan of your garage door. Mostly, rust happens due to seasonal changes or excessive exposure to moisture.

Rust can affect all the parts of the gate, including the outer parts and the springs. It may also weaken the springs. If rust is the leading cause of damage for your garage door, get the best silicone-based sprays to remove it.

It might also be necessary to galvanize the metal. If the problem persists, replace the gate because rust is hazardous to human health.

Poor Alignment

A garage door works like a train. The train cannot move when the rails are not in good condition. Similarly, your garage door may not open when the path has been compromised with.

Due to the heavyweight of the gate, a weak track can easily damage the entire gate. To avoid this issue, always make sure that all parts of the door are aligned well.

Broken Cables and Springs

Just like the standard gates, the cables and springs or your garage door may break. They can break due to many reasons, such as wear and tear.

The gate might also exert excessive pressure on the cables, weaken them, and eventually break them.

It’s almost impossible for the gate to operate smoothly when the cables are broken. So, if the gate suddenly becomes ineffective, inspect the wires and the springs to confirm if they are still intact.

Photo-Eye Issues

A photo-eye is a digital scanning tool for modern garages. The device scans the object beneath the doors when opening or closing the garage.

It is a sensor, and so, the door cannot close when it senses an object. Just like the other parts, the photo-eye gets worn out, which might affect the standard functionality of the door.

You may decide to repair or replace it depending on its current condition.

Cord Issues

Modern garage gates are automatic. They are usually connected to a power or electricity source, which automates the movements.

The cord is the part connecting the gate to the power. Its damage can, therefore, affect the smooth operation of the gate.

Poor Settings

Every door has unique settings. The user makes the settings, and then uses a remote to control the gates’ operation.

If you make the wrong settings, your garage door will not operate normally. Confirm the gate’s setting first when you experience a change in the opening and closing processes.

How to Fix Garage Door Problems

A small problem can quickly grow, and cause a larger mess. Besides, a damaged gate can cause accidents, as 2,000 people sustain garage door related injuries every year. These handy tips will help you solve the problem with ease.

Repair Immediately

Procrastination can create short and long term adverse effects to your costly door. Procrastination can also cost you considerable amounts of money in the future.

If you notice a small crack or damage on your door, repair it immediately. The simple gestures such as applying grease can also prevent the damage from worsening.

Don’t Use It

Avoid using a garage door which has already shown the signs of damage. Repetitive using will only strain the hinge, and probably, worsen the broken part.

If you must use it, then ask your friend to help you with the lifting process. The lifting should only be a temporary solution, as you try to look for a permanent solution.

Observe Safety Precautions

Remember to stay safe during the repair process. Keep children and pets away, and alert other people to avoid using the door.

Get the right tools and attire too if you decide to have a DIY repair. Lastly, adhere to the state’s rules and regulations, too, mainly the repair will cause noise pollution or disrupt your neighbors.

Work With an Expert

Not every problem will require a DIY solution. Some issues are quite technical, and they might worsen if you deal with them wrongly.

There are thousands of experienced garage repairs and installation experts in the United States. In fact, the garage doors installation industry is currently valued at $1152.6 million, and grows every day. Find out the best team, and hire them to do the work on your behalf.

For excellent results, ensure that you work with a veteran door repair. The ideal person/ form should have a remarkable level of experience in the field.

Replace When Necessary

Not every type of damage needs repair. Though costly, replacement might sometimes be the ideal option. Before then, however, your door repair expert should examine the door, and then recommend the ideal solution.

Maintenance Tips for Garage Doors

Remember to maintain your door well when you repair it successfully. Proper maintenance will enhance its durability, and prevent the damage from reoccurring in the future.

Here are practical safety and precaution tips for applying:

Conduct Monthly Inspections

Observe regular checks and inspections, even when there are no visible damages. Here is what you should do during your monthly inspections:

Lubricate the essential parts– the moving parts of the garage gate should always be lubricated. Make sure that you use a high-quality spray, such as lithium.

Tighten the physical parts– A garage door can quickly become loose due to repetitive upward and forward movements. Your inspections should, therefore, include the tightening of the commonly used hardware.

Clean the hardware – a clean garage gate is a safe gate. Use the right cleaning detergents, and a soft cloth to wash the vital parts of the gate. Regular cleaning will prevent dust accumulation.

Change the Weather-Stripping

Weather stripping is the lower part of the garage door. It holds the entire weight of the gate and also facilitates the movement of the gate.

Ensure that the area is clean, dry, and in an excellent position. You may carry out the inspections on your own, or hire an expert to do so.

Hide the remote

Do not allow your kids to play with the garage door.  Besides causing severe bodily injuries, some sensitive door parts might break when kids play with the garage door.

Explain the dangers of playing with the gate, and possible, keep the remote or the keys in a distant place.

Always Close the Garage Door

A garage door should always remain closed.  When you leave it open, you will create room for more damages; because everyone will be tempted to use it. Besides, long opening hours might also affect the insulation features of your expensive garage door.

Open the Door Before Starting Your Car

Vehicles emit harmful gases. These gases, mainly the carbon monoxide, can affect the functionality, and the aesthetic features of your garage gate. Learn to open the gate, switch on your car, and not vice versa.

Protect Your Gate

A garage gate is a valuable investment. It can make your home beautiful and reduce its appeal when it’s in a poor state.

If you would like to extend your garage gate’s lifespan, follow the right maintenance tips and inspect it regularly. Also, be sure to fix garage door problems immediately when you notice them.

Work with a gate repair expert, too, to minimize the chances of making repair mistakes. By doing so, you will protect your valuable asset, and enhance the appeal of your home.

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