What Are the Different Types of Home Renovations That I Can Do Today?

Renovating to improve the value of your home on a budget can be challenging. True home renovation is all about upgrading, without drastic alterations to the existing structure.

With the best home renovation ideas, you can upgrade areas that are run down and update outdated design elements, without spending a fortune.

Whether you are ready to tackle your entire home, or focus on a few areas, here are the types of home renovations that will improve the value of your home without breaking the bank.

Stylish Kitchen Renovations

A kitchen is much more than just a place to prepare meals. It is the heart of a home, a place for entertaining, gathering, and making memories. To renovate a kitchen consider a few simple changes to reinvent the space.

Replacing old light fittings with freshly designed, modern fittings. Take out old, worn, flooring, and replace it with oversized porcelain tiles or laminate flooring. Choose the latest style-colored sink with matching fittings for an ultra-modern feel.

Beautiful Bathroom Renovations

Bathrooms are by nature less social than kitchens, but they are important for a sense of well-being and comfort. Updating your bathroom space on a budget can include:

Replace towel rails, toilet roll holders, and shelves with materials that show off the trending texture options of matte, spun gold, and satin. Throw in bold pops of color with new mats, curtains, and textures. Replace tired mirror cupboards with new style shapes, or inset cupboards.

Roof Renovation

One of the best home remodel options to consider is a roof renovation. You might just need a few coats of fresh paint. Or you can consider installing a slate roof from Diamond Home Remodeling Inc. to up the value of your home and give it a brand new look.

Ban Boring Basements

A basement can be so much more than just a dingy storage space. One of the most exciting types of home renovations is repurposing a room. Think outside the dusty box and turn the space into a fresh study room, a second lounge, a cozy man cave, or a home gym.

A basement offers a large space that can be repurposed to meet many needs.

Playing With a Porch

Reinvent your porch and turn dead space into the family’s favorite place to be. Build a pizza oven or a charcoal grill for barbecuing. Update old furniture to comfy outdoor furniture that begs for lazy afternoons with a good book.

If you don’t need an outdoor space, close it in and create the perfect home office.

Landscape Renovations

Elevate areas of plain lawn by introducing ponds, fountains, pathways, and arches. Use rocks or stone to define the space, add outdoor lighting and create a magical place full of mystery that invites visitors to go wandering.

Types of Home Renovations to Suit Your Budget

Whether your renovations are going to be limited to a few rooms, or your whole house, you can rest assured that whatever you do will increase the value of your property.

If you’ve found these renovation ideas helpful, check out our remodeling tab for more innovative ideas for your homeownership journey.