Your Handbook for Completing a Move in Less Than Seven Days

The process of relocating can induce stress for all parties involved. An impressive 47% of individuals who have recently undergone a move have disclosed elevated levels of stress and unease during the experience. If you are preparing for an impending move, there are strategies you can implement to alleviate various forms of stress.

To begin, equip yourself and your team with a task list. Whether it involves transferring utilities or contracting movers, tasks will accumulate regardless of the urgency. The task list will assist you in arranging your responsibilities based on their significance. Furthermore, it is recommended to make contact with the moving company you intend to engage, inquiring about a relocation timeline reference for your convenience.

Another valuable suggestion is to conduct an inventory of your possessions while systematically packing up each room. Any unwanted items should be discarded or offered for donation to generate space and simplify the process. Additionally, safeguard delicate items, such as glassware, in a secure location to prevent breakage during transit.

For more insights on ensuring your upcoming move is devoid of stress, feel free to consult the associated manual provided by Best of Utah Moving.

Infographic provided by Best of Utah Moving, a moving company specializing in office relocation services