Which Type of Leaf Blower Should You Use to Tackle That Fall Landscaping?

Fall is here, and you’ll love to see the leaves blowing in the wind and coloring your garden.

But then there’s the pain of fall landscaping. You’ll have to get these beautiful fall leaves out of the way eventually. So what’s the best method for getting rid of leaves?

You need to find a suitable leaf blower for getting rid of leaves. But which types of leaf blowers work best? Here’s what we recommend.

Light-Duty Electric Leaf Blowers

This is a popular type of leaf blower that takes care of a small number of leaves. If you have a small backyard or front yard, this is the ideal leaf blower.

But if you have a massive pile of leaves, this isn’t the ideal leaf blower. This leaf blower isn’t the most powerful. As such, it’ll take longer to blow leaves out of the way.

If you do opt for this leaf blower, make sure you brush off the leaves each day. If they pile up over time, you’ll have to opt for a different leaf blower.

Heavy-Duty Electric Leaf Blowers

This is much better for blowing larger piles of leaves and other debris and pests. This is also ideal if you have a larger yard.

It’s still not the most powerful leaf blower, but it’ll work for most cases. As long as you have a large yard and a huge pile of leaves, this leaf blower will suffice.

These are also harder to maintain. As these consume lots of power, you need to make sure you keep your leaf blower cool when not in use. You want to make sure you never allow it to overheat.

Backpack Leaf Blowers

If you want an incredibly powerful leaf blower, you want to opt for backpack leaf blowers.

These leaf blowers get connected to your back as you walk around your yard. They are more robust than most leaf blowers. As such, they work well for large yards and enormous piles of leaves.

These are also great for getting rid of pests, debris, and other dirt in your yard. If you hire professional landscapers, you’ll see that this is their preferred type of leaf blower.

As such, if you’re concerned about the damage to your yard, you want to consider using this leaf blower.

This type of leaf blower also requires a lot of maintenance. Make sure you clean it regularly. You want to make sure you let it rest so that it never overheats. Ensure you never use this leaf blower unless it’s fully charged.

Prepare for Your Fall Landscaping

Now you can choose a suitable leaf blower to handle your fall landscaping.

Make sure you first assess how many leaves you’ve accumulated in your yard. If you have a lot of yard space and a massive pile of leaves, you’ll need to focus on a powerful leaf blower.

Make sure you also collect the leaves in a garbage bag. You might be able to donate them to an environmental cause.

You can find more tips on tending to your garden on our website!