What To Know: Guns and Firearms

Guns and Firearms are important to the safety of our nation and its people. Guns protect our homes, streets, families, possessions,and bodies from criminals. They eliminate the chances of a stranger getting the upper hand on you and possibly killing you by surprise. A gun is an essential tool to have if one is planning to face tough situations that might cost your life. With guns, you can improve your defense against enemies or leave them defenseless before they could hurt you. Aside from giving protection, weapons also play an important role in wars and military actions. 

Guns and firearms are a great way to protect yourself against criminals. However, it is important to know how guns work before using them. Guns are designed with various mechanisms that help protect you from accidental injuries. 

Learn about these three things:


Easy-to-use pistol grip hammer gun for rapid production of PEX and copper tube. The Reebok 6034H offers a 4 mode operation of crimp, clockwise rotation, counterclockwise rotation and wire cutting. The Reebok 6002H uses an easy to load cartridge style magazine eliminating the need to take the tool apart to reload. Both tools feature tool free changeover from clockwise to counterclockwise rotation with 8mm brass drive pins (1 each), 7 pin dies(4/PEX & 3/copper w/o padding), and cartridge adapter for crimping (1).

Our patent-pending concept, the hammer gun is a hand-held unit similar in operation to a pneumatic impact wrench. We use electricity to charge, rather than air. With this design, all the energy is transferred to the bolt for maximum speed and efficiency.


The Sears gun was made by Titusville, PA. hunters for their own needs. The workmanship and features like the double hammer and broad face firing pin lent themselves to remarkable accuracy for a hunting weapon. Other unique features such as the external hammers suggest European influence in its design.

The Model 21 is a gas operated semi-automatic shotgun. This gun features two sears, two hammers and two triggers. Each of the two hammers has its own barrel selector striking mechanism. The top barrel selector striking mechanism is single selective, while the bottom is double selective (both barrels are fired by pulling either trigger). This gun also features a full length magazine tube that holds five rounds with a capacity of six. It is short barrel choked and has a modified choke on the full choke barrel.

Safety Features

Guns and Firearms can be dangerous when handled carelessly or without proper knowledge of their operation. The safety features of guns and firearms are intended to help avoid accidents, protect the lives of their owners, and reduce the amount of damage that firearms can do to property with which they come into contact.

No matter what type of gun you have, be it for hunting or for protection, an accidental discharge can have dire consequences. Fortunately, several safety features are available to help reduce the potential for accidents. Safeties are mechanical devices that block a trigger from functioning until released. Having a gun with a safety on in no way inhibits its use; the gun is fully functional and can still fire when the safety is released.