What Should You Do with Your Old Couch? 4 Creative Ideas

Is an old couch weighing you down? What are your options for getting rid of it? Use this guide for some inspiration for useful things you can do with it.

Every family has its own ugly couch. The couch is covered in a floral pattern or has a poor choice in upholstery color. But, it still has good bones, so it gets passed around from home to home, with no one really wanting it.

It’s time to end the reign of the ugly couch. It’s okay to release yourself and your family from its hold. But how?

Keep reading for some inspiration for useful things you can do with your old couch.

  1. Repurpose It

Used couches don’t necessarily mean they are bad couches. If a couch is still in good structural condition, it may just need to be repurposed. While this process may sound intimidating, it’s actually quite simple.

Start by finding a fabric you like. Look for a thick, quality fabric that will hold up for several years. Always buy a few extra yards of fabric than you think you’ll need to account for any mistakes in measuring or repurposing.

Then, start with the main structure of the couch. Pull the new fabric tight over the existing fabric and staple it in place. Using a staple gun, you’ll want to staple in non0visible locations, like beneath the couch or underneath the cushions.

Then, using a sewing machine, sew together fabric covers for the cushion. Here’s a tutorial if you need more in-depth instructions.

  1. Sell It

If you’d rather buy a completely new couch, sell your old couch to help fund your new purchase.

You can advertise used couches for sale on social media or online sale sites like Craigslist. Take a few photos of the couch from different angles. Then, come up with a reasonable price for the couch.

  1. Donate It 

Wondering how to get rid of old furniture for free? Why not donate it to a good cause.

Think about local non-profits in your area. Many places like domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters, and rehab facilities help clients find and maintain housing. These organizations accept donations to help furnish or fund these new homes.

Your old couch could be a huge benefit for someone down on their luck.

  1. Trash It

The easiest how to get rid of old furniture is to trash it.

Check with your trash service provider to see if they pick up large pieces of furniture. Some businesses accept these items with an extra fee. If not, you’ll want to find a local Same-Day Rubbish Removal service.

With this method, you can just put your furniture in your front yard and let the company haul it away.

Say Goodbye to Your Old Couch

Using one of these methods, it’s time to say goodbye to your old couch.

But don’t let the momentum stop with just one piece of furniture. These methods can be applied to all the furniture in your home. It’s time you gave your home the update it deserves.

Looking for some inspiration on what your new furniture should look like? If so, visit the Interior Design section of this site.