What Mistakes Should I Avoid When Installing a Residential Fence?

A residential fence can be an excellent addition to any property. It adds both value and security, which is why more homeowners are opting for this type of installation.

However, not all residential fencing companies are created equal. Some installers make mistakes that could potentially cause harm to the homeowner or their property.

This blog post will introduce you to a few residential fence mistakes that you should avoid at all costs so that your installation goes off without a hitch.

Using Low-Quality Materials

Do not install residential fencing that has been built with low-quality materials. Doing so will only lead to constant and costly repairs as the fence begins to fall apart after a few months or years.

Instead, you should hire a company that uses high-grade materials for your installation.

For example, make sure they use galvanized steel posts if you want them installed into concrete footings. They have the ability to withstand rusting without becoming brittle and cracking under pressure.

Using Cheap Labor

Another mistake that you should avoid when hiring the best fence company is using cheap labor. Although this may sound like it saves money, it is not. The long-term cost will actually be far greater than if you had opted to pay more for quality workers.

Cutting corners to hire less expensive laborers means that your fence installation won’t have any real substance behind its construction. In other words, it simply won’t hold and could even come down as soon as there’s a strong gust of wind blowing through the area.

Failure To Treat Wood

When it comes to wood privacy fence installation, the quality of how you treat your posts and boards is critical. In fact, not doing so can lead to some problems such as rot or infestation from insects like termites.

If you hire the best fence installers who use naturally-treated lumber for your project instead of chemically treated planks and posts, they will be able to prevent this type of concern. This way, you won’t have to worry about them being in direct contact with moist soil because they are more resistant to fungal decay.

Not Using Modern Technology in the Fence Industry

Although privacy fence installation can be done using traditional methods, it’s not the best way to go. For example, a company that relies on post hole digging will have a tough time matching modern privacy fence styles. Modern types of fences are more complex and demand greater precision to look great.

Instead, ask your potential contractors about different types of machinery such as augers or plate tampers. These machines allow workers to dig quickly and precisely through all kinds of soil conditions, without impacting the surrounding environment since there is no vibration.

Get a Local Fence Company for Your Residential Fence

Residential fence installation can be a complex process. However, by avoiding these four mistakes, you’ll have no problem getting your property looking great.

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