What Could Happen when your Gutters Leak?

Rainy days can be both comforting and frustrating. While you enjoy the nice breeze, you may have to worry about how your home is standing up against the pour. This is especially true if you have leaky gutters. Leaky gutters can lead to all types of issues. That is why you need to check your gutters for leaks regularly. Also, you must consider regular gutter cleaning Nottingham to prevent your gutters from leaking in the first place. You don’t want rainy days to come and discover your gutters have problems.

Below are the most common effects of leaking gutters:

Leaking Roof

Leaking gutters won’t move water off your roof which can cause roof leaks over time. Usually, you may not even aware these leaks exist until you have to deal with the damage they can cause. Once you discover the presence of water on the ceiling or walls, rot and mold may have already developed.

Rotting Siding

If you have leaky gutters, the siding of your structure may swell or become discolored. Depending on what material the siding is made from, it may rot and result in structural damage. This can take place when water runs over your gutters’ side instead of through them and then comes into contact with the siding.

Landscape Erosion

Depending on where the leak is and whether or not the water falls into a flowerbed or shrub, it can lead to unsightly damage. When water pools because of the leak, cracks can develop. When the leak falls into a wooden deck, the latter can experience warping and discoloration over time. In fact, the leak may even affect your driveway in the form of cracks and water damage.

Flooding Basement

When the gutters leak, the water can pool around the side of the house instead of moving away from it. Over time, the pooling water will saturate the ground and start to put pressure on the basement walls, causing devastating flooding.

Cracking Foundation

A cracked foundation is the most devastating impact of leaking gutters. Your home’s foundation keeps your house stable. However, if the foundation is compromised, your home can have serious damage. Pooling water near the foundation as a result of leaking gutters will cause foundation cracks. Thus, make sure to get any leaks which result in pooling repaired right away.

Gutters exist to keep your home in good condition. If you don’t check your gutters for leak and repair any issues immediately, you may have to spend money on costlier repairs in the long run.