What Are the Various Stages of a Knock Down & Rebuild Project?

You have probably heard the term ‘knock down & rebuild’ on your travels and are interested enough to want to learn more and with that in mind, here is an outline of the various steps of a knock down & rebuild project.

  • Land Acquisition – This is not always necessary; you might, for example, already own the land and wish to rebuild once the old structure is removed, in which case, land purchase is not necessary. On the other hand, you may have found the perfect plot of land and wish to acquire it, demolish the existing building and build your dream home.
  • House Design and Quote – When looking for a knock down rebuild in Canberra, the custom builder’s architect is happy to work with you to design your dream home and once the design is complete, the builder can quote for the project. There are many different materials that can be used to build a house and this is something to discuss with the architect.
  • Contract Drawn Up – Once a price has been agreed, the builder prepares a contract that details the scope of the project. This would involve making stage payments and the price quoted would be all inclusive, regardless of any extra expense incurred by the builder.
  • Planning Permission – Every state in Australia requires blueprints prior to a build commencing and once the plans are approved, the project can continue.
  • Demolish & Remove the Existing Structure – A date is set and large heavy equipment arrives and within a couple of days, the plot is cleared and ready for the new build. The waste material would be disposed of responsibly and the team of builders can move in.
  • The Build – The client is kept informed at every step of the way and there would be stage payments to be made when specific points have been reached. You would probably like to visit the site to see for yourself how progress is going and the builder is always happy to see the client onsite.
  • Client Inspection – Once the building is ready for occupation, the custom builder invites the client for a final inspection and if the client is happy with everything, the keys are handed over and the new owner can make plans to move in.

The builder issues a long warranty and as new buildings do move slightly, a team would visit after a couple of months to make good any minor issues.