What are the Types of Tiles?

A tile is a curved or flat piece of stone, or clay used for floors, walls, or roofs. Tiles are among the most common flooring options today, and are available in different types. Their vast availability makes it hard to buy them, but the article below will discuss the different types of tiles and where you can buy tiles online

  • Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles are popular options within homeowners due to their versatility. Their different applications and durability make them ideal for any room, like the bathroom or kitchen. Glazed tiles provide more protection from damage and stains.

  • Glass Tile

Glass tiles are an excellent option for showers. They have the highest stain-resistance level, and are impermeable to lemon juice and red wine. However, their main disadvantage is they are prone to cracks and chips even when light objects are dropped on them.

  • Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tiles are fine examples of ceramic tiles. They are made using a higher quartz and silica ratio, and baked at extreme temperatures. These tiles are available in different kinds, and their versatility make them a great consideration.

Etched, texturized, and glazed tiles resemble expensive marble, and are long lasting. It is advisable to hire a tile expert for the installation process as it is normally complex.

  • Marble Tile

The marble tile is considered one of the most expensive stone tiles, but is an excellent choice. This tile entails a level of panache and elegance that cannot be replicated by other materials. It is veined deeply with natural lines, and created under high pressure and heat.

This natural stone delivers contrast and depth, and displays an array veining. Homeowners are advised to inspect these materials when buying for any rough areas as they might need additional sealing.

Why you Should Use Tiles

Tiles occur in different types, and all have their separate advantages. These items have a massive impact to our homes, and below we discuss why you should use them;

  • Easy Cleaning

Even though tiles are made using natural stones, they do not need regular cleaning. Cleaning tiles entails sweeping the muck using warm and soapy water. This is why they are preferred over other flowing options.

  • Durability

Homeowners are turning to tiles to prevent wasting money on costly hardwoods. Tiles are more lasting, and cheaper, making them the ideal option.

Final Thoughts

Tiles are common items in most homes today, and it hard not to see why. The above article has discussed different types of tiles, and you can reach out for more.