What Are the Different Types of Trees That Homeowners Love Today?

All types of trees are vital components of the urban environment. They help cool the atmosphere and reduce the urban heat island effect.

Any smart homeowner knows that trees also bring many benefits to their immediate environment. They create shade, attract birds, and are an attractive focal point, too.

If you’re considering planting a new tree or two, keep reading to discover how to choose the best trees for your yard.

Planning Your Garden

It’s never a good idea to choose a tree based on your preferences alone. You should always consider the following factors first:

  • Available space
  • Size of the tree when it’s fully grown
  • Optimum environmental condition for the species
  • Does the tree involve a lot of maintenance

You might already have some trees in your yard that simply don’t fit in. Don’t try to remove them yourself.

The tree removal process is a risky business and is best left to experienced residential landscaping professionals.

The Best Types of Trees for Urban Landscapes

Thousands of different trees might suit your garden, but you can narrow down your choices by considering some proven favorites first. These trees are among America’s top choices:

Maple Trees

There are two types of maple trees beloved by American homeowners.

Silver leaf maple trees grow to a respectable size within five years to create a shady retreat in your yard. The leaves have silver coloring on the underside, which added a shimmer to the landscape when they rustle in the breeze.

Bear in mind that the silver maple’s roots spread far and wide, so make sure you don’t plant it near sewer lines or too close to your home.

The sugar maple puts on a dazzling fall display of orange, red, and yellow leaves. It’s a large tree that provides abundant shade, but you’ll need to keep tabs on its invasive habits. Make sure you remove any seedlings that sprout under your tree unless you want a forest in your backyard.

Dogwood Trees

Dogwood trees add color and life to any spring garden with a profusion of white, red, and pink flowers, followed by lush green summer foliage. In winter, this abundant foliage makes way for attractive branches that create an attractive focal point.

They’re suited to almost any zone in the country, so you don’t need to be the best arborist in town to keep them thriving either.

Weeping Cherry Tree

This elegant tree is ideal for creating a romantic vibe in a small yard. It produces gorgeous pink or white blossoms borne on cascading branches.

It grows up to 30-feet tall and spreads up to 25-feet.

American Holly

This evergreen tree is an ornamental showpiece that offers something special in every season. Springtime brings tiny white blooms, followed by glossy red berries in the fall.

These fruits remain throughout the winter, providing food for birds and other small creatures to your yard.

Next Steps in Creating an Urban Oasis

Now that you’re up to speed on the most beneficial and beautiful types of trees for your yard, you can start planning the rest of your landscapes around them.

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