What Are the Different Types of Roofing Styles?

Improper roof installation can lead to disaster, like the recent collapse that destroyed the upper floor of an apartment complex. Luckily, nobody was injured. However, that always isn’t the case.

Different types of roofing are more resistant to varying elements and external influences. Rain, snow, hail, and other weather effects can cause serious damage. Of course, internal building configuration plays a major role. Support beams and proper architecture can make all the difference.

But, what are the best types of roof materials for each region? Well, leaving building integrity aside as a separate variable, this depends on many factors including the weather. Read ahead for a quick look at the different types of roofing styles.

Types of Roofing Styles

As you’ve read, roofing plays a vital role in structural integrity and protection for any building. However, some families like to add aesthetics into the mix. Some home exterior services offer a chance at making both the functional and visible aspects of any roof as exceptional as possible.

Before jumping in, though, it’s a good idea to get a grasp on the most popular types of roofs and which ones would work best for you. Some stand out more than others due to unique functional and aesthetic features.

White Roofing

White roofing, also known as cool roofing, is true to its name. This involves applying a reflective coating to the surface. The color is, unsurprisingly, white. The nickname cool refers to its capacity to reflect sunlight and avoid heat retention in the home.

Green Roofing

While still quite uncommon, more homeowners are looking at green roofing as a viable option. It’s known more for how much fun they are to maintain, rather than any form of functional benefit. They involve a coating of soil that can support plant life. After some time, and once the plants have grown, these become quite beautiful.


Among the different types of roof materials, tiles are a great option. They’re affordable and aesthetically pleasing as well as one of the most basic investments in terms of roof materials. That isn’t to say they aren’t a fantastic choice overall.

Picking Colors

Color choices depend heavily on which type of roof you choose. Some fit better on varying types of roof shingles, while others are optimal for functional purposes. It’s best to find a balance between function and aesthetic, as long as external influences like weather aren’t too extreme.

Taking the Next Step

It’s often difficult to choose between the different types of roofing styles, given it’s usually a hefty time and monetary investment. However, in many cases, it’s worth it especially considering that they often last between 15 and 20 years.

This quick look at the different roof choices available for home use should provide some guidance for making a choice. Are you considering something functional like white roofing, or perhaps an alternative that’s more aesthetic? Either way, make sure to check out the other articles on our site for additional info!