Uh-Oh! 5 Times You Need to Call a Local Emergency Plumber

Even if you have no experience with plumbing, you’re probably able to sort out a few minor problems at home. But, it may be tempting to try and take on projects that are too large or complicated for your skillset.

Don’t get in over your head! Instead, educate yourself on what plumbing issues you can safely tackle and which require the assistance of a local emergency plumber.

Keep reading for five “uh-oh” situations that absolutely require professional help.

1. Burst Pipes

If you have a burst pipe, do not attempt any repairs on your own. If possible, turn off the water to the affected area and call an emergency plumbing service immediately.

A burst pipe that seems to be leaking slowly can suddenly split open, dumping gallons of water into your home without warning, especially if you live in a climate prone to freezing and thawing temperatures.

2. Sewer Backups

Whether you’re dealing with a pipe that contains greywater or blackwater, a sewer backup is absolutely a plumbing emergency. Both types of wastewater contain contaminants that can cause damage to your home or even make you sick! And, failure to act fast will just see the problem get worse.

Sewer lines won’t stop backing up on their own and can hold potentially large volumes of disgusting waste as they connect to city lines and other homes – not just your own!

3. Drains That Just Won’t Clear

If you’ve already tried DIY techniques like plunging, augering, and applying chemical solvents, and your drain still won’t clear, it’s time to call for local emergency plumbing services. You may be dealing with a large blockage that requires professional tools and techniques to remove, as opposed to something soft and easy to dislodge, like hair and soap buildup.

4. Gas Line Repairs

If you believe that a gas line in your home is damaged or leaking, it’s time to call in the pros. And, if you’ve noticed something amiss in the middle of the night, a 24 hr emergency plumber is well worth the cost.

Consider this – broken and leaking gas lines can lead to fires, explosions, and even chemical poisoning! Only a licensed and qualified plumber should tackle this potentially dangerous repair. Click for more information and find a local referral here.

5. DIY Gone Wrong

If you’ve already tried to fix a plumbing problem yourself and were unsuccessful, it’s time to embrace the emergency plumber cost. Continuing to work on a project that isn’t getting better will likely turn out to be a waste of your time. And, if you aren’t careful, you could create further issues or damage that end up costing more than a basic repair would.

Is It Time to Call Your Local Emergency Plumber?

If the plumbing issues you’re experiencing sound like the items found in this list, don’t waste valuable time on DIY solutions that ultimately won’t work out. Instead, call your local emergency plumber right away! Delaying any further could add to your expenses, leaving you with costly repairs and unexpected damage.

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