The Latest Trends in Home Decor

Analysing and predicting interior design trends is now easier than ever. This is primarily due to the accessible and instantaneous data of search engines. For example, when considering the growing decor-related searches performed during 2020, we can see that styles such as cottagecore have grown significantly in popularity, while searches for specific paint colours, in this case, dark green, also top the results.

As such, we have a remarkably accurate measure of the latest trends in home decor, as well as being able to predict those that may soon rise to popularity. If you are looking for inspiration or are considering a home redecoration in the new year, then here are the aesthetics and features that will be the most desirable.


Rescuing an item from being disposed of, improving it, and then giving it a place with your home’s decor is an incredibly satisfying feeling. Not only is each piece certain to be unique but it demonstrates your own crafting ability and creative eye.

As our carbon footprint and disposable lifestyles are called into question, upcycling in such a way has become one of the biggest interior design trends. Whether you reclaim and reupholster an old chair or turn broken crates into an exposed wood statement piece, this environmentally-friendly style is certain to impress for a number of reasons.

A Private Hideaway

Whether creating a reading nook behind a bookshelf or a secret cinema room in the basement, a growing number of people are developing their own private hideaways within the home. These rooms are typically for entertainment and activities, giving homeowners a secluded spot to relax in.

Since many residents are limited by the number of rooms in their home, an ideal alternative is to choose exterior buildings, such as summer houses. These allow residents to easily establish a new and private sanctuary without having to compromise their home’s structure.

Indoors Outdoors

A trend that seems to have sprung from various degrees of isolation is cottagecore. These natural and rural aesthetics have become some of the most sought after designs as homeowners seek to bring the outdoors into their homes. Its individual characteristics, such as decadent flower prints and rustic furniture, are likely to grow in popularity too.

If you want to move away from modern and industrial design, this might be the style for you. Wicker furniture, exposed wood, earth-like colours, and the encouragement of natural light, each contribute to a more organic space, promoting a better connection with nature.

Empty Space

While maximalism attempted to enjoy its recent triumph over minimalist design, its snug features soon disappeared as homeowners once again began to value space and sparse styling over cosiness. The advantages of more space in the home are numerous and have been popular historically for endowing a property with a greater sale value, which, in the wake of a booming housing market, is reason to justify its desirability.

However, beyond simply trying to increase a home’s value, many are also seeking to make their living space as versatile and comfortable as possible, enabling them to spend a greater amount of time at home without feeling claustrophobic. Such a capacity for dynamic arrangements is more important as remote working becomes more mainstream, leading residents to adapt their homes to various routines.