The Different Types Of Materials You Can Use For Your Windows

When you are looking to replace the windows in your home, there are many options that you have available. You will need to consider the look and feel you want for your home and select the appropriate window frames to match your requirements. There are various factors to consider when choosing your windows, and you will want to do your research before deciding the best one for you. Below are some of the materials you can consider for your windows to help you make an informed choice and choose the best material to match your needs.

Aluminium Window Frames

If you are looking for sleek and stylish windows for your home, you may want to consider aluminium window frames. This type of window frame can let the most amount of light in, but as metal can conduct heat, you need to ensure the ones you select have a sufficient thermal barrier to prevent heat loss. These are low maintenance options that you can install in your home, and they will also last for a long time. When you are looking for a reputable company to install aluminium windows, Oxfordshire has many companies that you can choose to fit your new windows for you.

Wooden Window Frames

There was a time when all window frames were made from wood, and many older homes still use them, especially if it is a listed building. Wooden window frames are versatile, and you can paint them in various colours. It is also a good insulator, so wood is suitable for most climates. However, the pain does fade on wooden window frames, so you will need to paint them every couple of years. Wooden window frames can adapt to most building styles, and if you are not put off by the required maintenance, they could be a perfect choice for your home.

uPVC Window Frames

One of the most popular styles of window frames is uPVC, which is hardwearing, simple to maintain, and available in various colours. You can clean the window frames using a soft sponge and water, and they provide excellent thermal qualities, so they help keep the heat in your home during winter and keep it cool when it is hot outside. They do last for a long time, but the colours do fade after a while. However, rather than replacing the windows when the colour fades, you can use an expert company to paint the uPVC window frames for you and make them look new again.

Composite Window Frames

Another option that you have available is to select composite window frames for your home. These types of window frames will use a combination of materials to get the best aesthetics and thermal qualities for the windows in your house. You can combine wooden detailing for your windows and the thermal benefits of uPVC to get something that looks fantastic and is highly efficient.

There are other materials you can use for your windows, but these are the most popular ones. Do plenty of research and speak to lots of companies, and you can ensure you make the correct choice for your home that looks superb, will last a long time, and is a cost-effective solution.