The Benefits of Your Own Garden Building

You may have heard about garden buildings. Perhaps you even know a friend or neighbour who has one. It’s likely to be the case since they are becoming increasingly more common across the UK. There are a number of reasons why this is the case, with industry experts often crediting the housing market shift of 2020, with its sudden and significant demand for garden spaces.

While this certainly might be the case, there are a number of reasons, and benefits, that have propelled outbuildings into the limelight, such as their increasing value and affordability, alongside a developing culture of customisation and experimentation that is leading property owners to create inspiring projects in their very own backyard.

If you are considering a garden building of your own, or find yourself curious as to why your neighbour seems so pleased with theirs, then we can help. Here are the best benefits that come from having your very own garden building.

Expanded Living Space

When purchasing your property, your ideas for the garden were probably rather limited. Alongside a few flowerbeds and perhaps some concrete slabs, you might have considered a statement feature or even a BBQ. It is unlikely, however, that you then pictured your garden offering an extra room within which to relax or work.

Garden buildings like summer houses are becoming ever-more popular as living space extensions. Homeowners are using them not only for their traditional purposes, that is as a relaxing space during the summer months, but also as a professional working space, a children’s playroom, or a retreat for movie nights.


If you have a particular hobby or interest that might benefit from its own dedicated space, then a garden building might be the appropriate choice because, not only does it enable you to pursue your interest away from your family’s living space, relieving them of the room it may demand, but it also isolates you from neighbours too.

The benefits of this are especially valuable to those that might enjoy hobbies that create noise, such as music or exercise. No longer would you need to dampen your performance and enjoyment, instead of being able to revel in your hobby in a customised, potentially soundproofed, outbuilding.


While gardens remain one of the most sought after assets for a property, they can also work against a potential sale too, with some buyers being put off by the required upkeep garden spaces can demand. It is this mindset that often leads to gardens being paved over so as to ensure their general tidiness.

Garden buildings are excellent assets for a property because they relieve the garden of some of its upkeep and improve upon its year-round enjoyment, allowing homeowners to enjoy extra indoor space, one among their private garden.

Additionally, if you are considering hosting a relative, perhaps an elderly loved one, being able to offer them a summer house or annexe is a far more considerate and affordable alternative to care homes.