The Benefits of an Automatic Sliding Glass Door

Besides providing hands-free access, an automatic sliding glass door can also help you save energy. It only opens when someone approaches the door and works smoothly and in sync with their stride. That means that your establishment will be more energy-efficient as well. If you are considering an automatic sliding glass door for your establishment, read on to learn more about the benefits of installing one. You will love it! You’ll thank yourself later!

Frameless sliding glass doors

If you want to add an elegant touch to the interior of your home, you can go in for the Frameless automatic sliding glass doors. These automatic doors are motorized, allowing them to open and close with the push of a button. These are ideal for homes with elderly people with disabilities, and children will also find them fun to use. However, if you have small children at home, you need to keep an eye on them when using them.

It is worth mentioning that an automatic frameless glass door is not the cheapest option. However, you can still save money on this type of door if you obtain several job estimates from different service providers. Moreover, you can also look for special offers and discounts from some companies. A legit door system installation company will offer a warranty on the day of installation. Usually, a warranty lasts for 5 years, but some companies provide you with a lifetime warranty.

Motion sensor

The most basic feature of a Motion Sensor Automatic Sliding Glass Door is that it detects movement and opens the door automatically when triggered. When no motion is detected, it remains closed. A Motion Sensor is adjustable, but by default, the area is three to four meters, so that you can adjust the range of its detection. This feature can be convenient if you are in a tight space and want to open and close the door quickly.

Most automatic doors use either motion detection or optical sensors to detect movement. The former detects motion using a microwave beam, which is produced by an antenna placed on the header of the door. The beam travels in a downward or outward direction. The latter type of sensor only works when there is motion present in front of it. People standing still or walking slowly may not trigger a motion sensor. Nonetheless, the safety benefits of motion detection are significant.

Toughened glass

Toughened glass for automatic sliding glass door is one of the most popular types of sliding doors available in the market. It is fabricated from fine grade glass and is popularly used in hospitals, malls, hotels, and other such environments. The door is available in customized specifications to meet the requirements of different types of establishments. Read on to learn about the benefits of Toughened Glass for Automatic Sliding Glass Door.

Toughened glass is used in most commercial automatic sliding doors, which meets safety standards. Toughened glass is stronger than non-tempered glass, which is prone to shattering into tiny pieces and causing harm to anyone who tries to walk through it. It is also much safer than non-tempered glass, which is not rated to withstand impact and can cause bodily harm. However, it is important to choose toughened glass for automatic sliding glass doors because the quality of the glass can influence the safety and functionality of the door.

Pet door mat

If you’ve been wondering how to protect your home’s sliding glass doors from the damage caused by pets, consider using a pet door mat. The Autoslide Pet Door Partition will open the door part when your pet steps on its floor mat. This product is a trigger mechanism and must be used in conjunction with an automatic sliding glass door opener. A collar tag is included in the kit. Its pet mat is 15 inches wide by 25 inches in size.

The Autoslide Pet Doormat Kit is one of the most popular products on the market. This door mat kit features a wireless sensor that activates the door using a radio transmitter. There are two modes to choose from: normal mode and pet mode. You can also program the door to open only when your pet walks up to it, as well as in a “Slave” mode. The system is simple to install and is universally compatible with most sliding glass doors.