The Benefits of Adding Swinging Saloon Doors to Your Home

The average American household spent over $8,000 on home improvement in 2020 alone.

You may picture kitchen renovations and new flooring. But there’s one home upgrade that is often overlooked and costs far less than $8,000: replacing old doors.

Doors can refresh an outdated room, with unique and versatile saloon doors being one of the best options on the market.

Here are some of the top benefits of installing saloon doors in your home to easily update and upgrade your space.

They Add Style and Character

If you’re planning home renovations, one easy way to personalize your space is to use saloon doors.

They’re unique, versatile, and easy to customize. So while you may picture old-fashioned saloon doors like the ones seen in Western films, today’s saloon doors add a modern and updated touch.

You can choose from a variety of shapes, materials, and colors to fit your home’s aesthetic.

Get creative with your own DIY designs. Find or create a one-of-a-kind door style, grab some double action hinges, and you can outfit your room with your own special saloon doors.

Divide Rooms Without Feeling Claustrophobic

Before buying new doors, consider how they’ll change your space. Doors have the function of separating spaces and offering privacy, but they can also make rooms seem smaller and less inviting.

Saloon doors offer the function of a door, without feeling claustrophobic. They separate spaces, such as a kitchen or laundry room, while still allowing airflow and light to pass through.

This helps to open up your home, making it feel more open and spacious.

No Hands Needed

Especially in times like now when hand hygiene is on everyone’s mind, it can be comforting to have doors that don’t require any handles or doorknobs.

Swinging saloon doors open easily with a gentle push from your elbow, hip, and of course your hands if needed. Plus, they close on their own, too, without you needing to push them back in place.

If you or someone in your home likes to get their hands dirty with crafts, gardening, and other messy activities, saloon doors can be a great option.

They’re Pet-Friendly

If your home has some furry residents, saloon doors are a must-have.

With saloon doors, dogs and cats can still pass through, even when your doors are closed. That’s because saloon and cafe-style doors tend to only partially block a doorway, allowing space at the bottom for pets.

When choosing a saloon door, you’ll also likely see some styles that are full-length, blocking the entire doorway. But even with these doors, many dogs and cats still learn to push their way through the swinging doors.

If you’re on the hunt for pet-friendly doors, buy doors that swing open and shut like saloon doors.

Update Your Space With Saloon Doors

Though the style of saloon doors is inspired by old Western bars, today’s saloon doors feel fresh, making them the perfect way to update your home.

Consider the benefits of saloon doors, and get creative adding your own unique doors to your space.

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