Splash! Tips When Choosing a Pool Cleaning Service

Summer’s calling! Your kids are ready to put the phones down and make some splashes in the pool. That means your pool must be open for business when they feel like taking a dip.

Whether you have an above-ground pool or an in-ground pool, maintaining your pool and keeping it clean takes a lot of time and work.

If you’re considering hiring a pool cleaning service, here are some things you should consider first.


Word of mouth is the old-fashioned way of advertising. But, at least you know someone who knows someone that has done work on their pool. Your network of friends is likely the first place to look for local pool cleaning services.

If your friends had a good experience, you’ll likely have a good experience too.

Ask your friends if they have any referrals for trusted swimming pool cleaning services.


The next thing you should consider in a pool cleaning service is whether that business has the proper credentials.

Yes, anyone can clean a pool. However, pool maintenance professionals have the knowledge and expertise of pool chemistry, pool repairs, and proper pool cleaning.

In addition, pool maintenance professionals are more than likely certified by recognized trade associations in the pool and spa industry. They are trained, certified, and licensed.

When it comes to maintaining your pool, doesn’t it feel safer knowing that the guy hired to clean your pool actually knows what he’s doing?


Shop smart and look around. Ask your local pool cleaning services for a quote on the pool maintenance services you’re looking to hire out. Consider how often you’d need their service.

If they offer it, consider subscribing to a monthly subscription or a monthly service for your pool maintenance. You will likely need service throughout the summer, and they might throw in a deal!

For your above-ground pool cleaning service, you might find yourself spending anywhere from $100 to $350 or so. If you don’t shop around, you might end up paying the higher end of this range.

Pool Cleaning Service Packages

A professional pool maintenance service should provide the basics of pool cleaning.

This includes removing all debris from the water, filter, and pool pump. They should also include pool tile cleaning services and brush all surfaces of the pool. For a more thorough job, they may vacuum all surfaces too.

But when it comes to pool maintenance, you’re not just paying for a clean pool. You’re paying for a service that takes care of everything related to your swimming pool.

Otherwise, what are you spending this money on?

Professionals, such as Ever-Care Pool and Spa, also provide pool and spa equipment repairs on top of chemical services and basic pool cleaning maintenance.

They’re an all-in-one, tried, and trusted pool cleaning service for all your summer pool needs.

Hire Out Your Pool Cleaning

If you could choose between kicking back and relaxing and spending time every day to maintain your pool just for the summer, which would you choose?

Most people prefer saving time doing tasks that can be hired out at fair prices from trusted pool cleaning services. We’ll take a wild guess that you do too.

Hopefully, you’ve learned what you need to look for when you’re deciding on a pool cleaning service.

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