Should You Invest in Florida Mobile Home Insurance?

Mobile homes in Florida require home insurance just like site-based homes. However, do they have different coverage than site-based homes? Because mobile insurance can be confusing, it is important to work with a dependable agent to help clear things up and find a mobile home owner a great insurance policy.

What is Mobile Home Insurance?

Typically, mobile homes are made with materials different from site-built homes. Because these homes are made in a factory and transported, they are made of lighter materials. But, these materials are easier to damage, making the best mobile home insurance in Florida necessary. Often, these homes are simply anchored into place, instead of built securely on a foundation.

Mobile home insurance is offered as a different kind of policy from homeowners’ insurance. The risks are different and the coverages important to those who own mobile homes must be closely protected with the right coverage.

If you own a mobile home, you have worked hard to purchase your home and your possessions. However, unexpected events such as fire or severe hailstorms can happen and cause major setbacks. Without enough cash to repair major damage to your home, you will end up losing what you have invested in. This is where mobile home insurance comes into the picture. Moreover, whenever somebody is on your property, you are liable for what happens to them. If a person is injured and decides to sue you for the medical bills, you will have to get this money out of pocket if you do not have the right coverage.

What a Mobile Home Insurance Policy Covers

Mobile home insurance coverage starts with the most common and basic coverage that owners must have.

These include:

  • Coverage for your mobile home’s structure. Mobile home insurance helps protect your mobile home and the structures from all forms of loss unless the policy specifically excludes them. Your home is covered in case of perils such as fire, damage from falling objects, windstorm damage, explosion, lightning, and more.
  • Protection for your personal property. Whether your personal property is inside your mobile home or in an adjacent structure such as a shed, your policy will cover it.
  • Protection for personal liability. If you accidentally cause bodily injury or property damage to someone who does not live in your home, you could be faced with a huge, out-of-pocket expense because of court costs or damages. But, your Sanford Fl Mobile home insurance policy can pay for the medical expenses of this person in addition to the damages or defense costs that result from a covered accidental situation.

Mobile Home Insurance Cost

Your premium costs depend on various factors. States and insurance companies are different. Also, the needs of every mobile home owner differ. If your location is prone to floods, you will want to add flood coverage to your policy, which is expected to cost a little more. Generally, a mobile home’s value is much less than a single-family cottage. Thus, the cost of insuring the home is expected to be much less. It is best to speak with an insurance agent about your mobile home as they can help come up with a figure according to your needs.