Should I Enclose My Swimming Pool?

When it comes to having fun in the sun, swimming pools are the ultimate activity for those warm summer days.

However, despite the fun and memories that swimming pools provide – they also pose a considerable risk to children. In fact, according to the CDC, drowning is the number one cause of death in children between the ages of 1 and 4. A shocking 74 percent of these drownings occur at residential pools.

For families with pools, one of the best home additions you can add to your pool is an enclosure. A pool enclosure is one of the most effective ways to prevent your children from drowning.

Beyond the safety benefits, pool enclosures offer many other benefits that make them well worth the investment. Thus, today we’re going to discuss the top three benefits of adding an enclosure to your pool!

Keeping Your Pool Clean

If you own a pool, you know the countless hours of maintenance required to upkeep your pool. Everything from leaves, dust, dirt, and other debris can engulf your pool in a matter of days.

Having a pool enclosure provides protection from these annoying contaminants. This will not only lower the physical maintenance required to upkeep your pool, but it will save you money on chlorine and other chemicals required to keep your pool water properly balanced.

Thus, rather than wasting time sweeping and chemically treating your pool, you can be enjoying it instead!

Blocking Dangerous UV Rays

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, skin cancer is the number one diagnosed cancer in the United States. In fact, one in every five Americans will develop some form of skin cancer in their lifetime.

Beyond the long-term dangers of UV rays, they also pose short-term detriments such as skin rashes, sunburns, dryness, itchiness, eye damage, and premature aging.

Fortunately, with a pool enclosure, you won’t have to worry about harmful UV rays during your backyard swimming sessions. Screen enclosures block anywhere from 30 to 80 percent of UV rays, depending on the type of screen enclosure you choose.

Also, it’s worth noting that UV rays diminish the lifespan of chlorine. Thus, you’ll be spending a lot less money on chlorine in the long run.

Increasing Your Home’s Value

Some home renovation projects offer practical benefits, whistle others enhance the aesthetic of your home. Fortunately, pool enclosures provide both of these bonuses.

Consequently, pool enclosures increase the value of your home. In fact, if you decide to sell your home, you can expect to regain around 60 percent of the cost of the enclosure. Therefore, if you paid $20,000 for your screen enclosure, you can expect to sell your home for $12,000 more than you would without a screen enclosure.

What Are the Best Home Additions?

Among the various home additions available, pool screen enclosures are among the best.

They offer various benefits, such as keeping your pool clean, providing protection from harmful UV rays, and increasing your home’s value. In addition, if you have children, a screen enclosure can significantly reduce the chance of your child drowning.

We hope this guide helped you better understand the various benefits of purchasing a screen enclosure for your pool. If so, be sure to check out our other home-improvement articles!