Questions to ask your tree care service provider

Trees play a major role in everyone’s life as it provides oxygen to make us live in this world. However, apart from general trees, you may have certain trees grown in your home or farms. Once you wish to use that space for something else or have to move to another space, you would have to cut the tree. When the tree is just too sentimental to cut, Call Tree Mover. This tree transplantation and care service provider will help you move the tree and plant it somewhere else without wasting one life. Likewise, you can find several tree movers in the locality. However, you should make sure that the tree care service providers know what they do. So, you should ask the following questions to your service provider before hiring them.

Questions to ask your tree care service provider

What is your experience in the field?

It is necessary to make sure that the tree care service provider is well experienced in dealing with trees. As it is easy to claim that a company offers the best tree care services, you should ensure that it is not a scammer entity. Only the years of service will let you confirm the reliability of the company. So, you should ask this question.

Are you authorized to do the job?

The next question to ask your tree care service provider is about the license and certifications necessary for the service providers. As they are about to involve in an activity that has the potential to damage the property, you should work only with the licensed companies. Also, you should make sure that the workers visiting your property are trained and certified.

What devices will you use for the job?

There are several devices and equipment involved in a tree moving process. For instance, a crane is needed to move the tree and several other devices will help the professionals during the process. So, you should check whether the professionals use everything that are necessary to do the job well.

Will they cover for damages, if any?

Since tree transplantation will involve a certain extent of damage to your property, you should ensure that the company has insurance to cover for unexpected damages to either your land or the workers.

How much will you charge?

You should know the estimate of the whole process before the professionals start their work.