Organization Tips: How to Fit All Your Clothes into Your Closet

There’s nothing more frustrating than a closet overflowing with clothes. Take a look at these organization tips to learn how to fit all your clothes inside.

Bedroom closets are the opposite of Mary Poppins’ magical bag. No matter how big they are or how big they look, there’s never enough space!

That’s only true if you don’t know how to organize your closet for space.

Sure, physics tells us that there’s only so much we can fit into an open space, but you probably don’t realize how much wasted space you have.

Fortunately for you, the experts have arrived! Try these organization tips to make sure you have room for all your clothes.

  1. Consider Rotating Racks

Part of the problem with organizing your closet is that your items don’t just have to fit somewhere. They also have to be easy for you to access. That tends to mean the far corners of your closet stay empty and go to waste.

Rotating racks can be the answer. For example, rotating tie racks are getting popular. These racks are only a few inches wide but they go all the way to the back of your closet.

The rack holds all your ties and at the press of a button, can rotate to show you each one. While your ties are reachable, they’re using that lonely space in the back of the closet too. You can use similar racks for other accessories.

  1. Look Up

Another part of most closets that goes unused and unloved is the vertical space. Just because you can’t reach an area without a step ladder doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be useful.

The space at the top of your closet is ideal for out-of-season items you don’t need to reach. If you’re in a small home and your bedroom closet needs to store more than your clothes, that top space is great for holiday decor and spare bedding too. Just install shelves and get to stacking.

  1. Find Compact Solutions for Casual Items

No matter how glamorous you are, we all have at-home clothes that don’t need to stay wrinkle-free. We’re talking about pajamas, sweatpants, and other lounge-worthy items.

Those clothes are perfect for more compact storage like a drawer in your closet. Roll the clothes to put the space to better use and minimize wrinkles.

  1. Organize By Length

How do you hang your clothes? Do you have body-length items like dresses and jumpsuits alongside short items like tops or folded-over pants? If so, you’re missing an opportunity.

Group your clothes together based on how long they are and hang them in those groups. When you only need a five-foot hanging space for the few items that are actually that long, you can use the space below your shorter items for more storage.

How you use that space depends on your needs. You could do an entire second row of hanging racks if you have a lot of hanging clothes. It’s also a great place for shoe storage if your shoes need space.

  1. Make Closet Furniture Multitask

You work your tail off every day, often doing multiple jobs at a time. Why shouldn’t your closet furniture do the same?

Find multiple purposes for as many items as you can. For example, perhaps you have a drawer for folded clothes. That drawer must have a top, so use the top as a place for jewelry storage or shoes.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a closet with a dressing area, your ottoman can do double duty too. Choose an ottoman with storage inside so it can hold out-of-season items while giving you a seat to put on your shoes.

  1. Use the Power of Compression

We all have items in our closets we don’t need on a daily basis, like those out of season clothes or your extra bedding. For these items, vacuum bags will be your best friends.

You fill up these bags with your items and seal them. Then you use a pump or vacuum to pull out all the air. This compresses your times down to the bare minimum.

These bags aren’t always pretty, but if you’re storing them out in the open, you can put them inside bins or baskets that are more attractive. The clothes you store might also get a few wrinkles, but it’s an easy fix with a quick fluff in the dryer.

  1. Choose Your Hangers Wisely

This may seem like a minor detail but trust us, it’s a detail that makes a difference.

Never underestimate the space you can lose from unnecessarily thick hangers. Those popular thick plastic hangers are some of the worst culprits, taking up space they don’t need on your hanging rack.

Swap them out with thin hangers, like those made with wood or those with cloth on them to retain your items’ shapes. This simple swap can free up several feet of hanging space without you giving up any of your beloved clothes.

  1. Bring In a Pro

Sometimes being a responsible adult means admitting when you aren’t up to the task. Organizing closets isn’t everyone’s forte.

If you aren’t getting the space you want out of your closet, bring in a professional closet designer. They’ll use principles like the ones in this guide to not only give you more space in your closet but make it more attractive too.

This is perfect if you have a closet with an unusual or challenging shape that off-the-rack organizational tools don’t help with. It’s also great if you’re simply tired of wrestling with your closet on your own.

Mastering the Top Organization Tips for Your Closet

You don’t have to dread walking into your closet every day and trying to find clothes among the wads and piles crammed in every angle.

There’s a better way and these organization tips can get you there!

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