Making Your Garden the Envy of the Neighbourhood

There has been a long history of gardens being used to showcasing a home, helping residents to stand out from their neighbours. From pristine flower arrangements, perfectly kept grass, to the seasonal decorations that fill front lawns, garden appearance is important.

There is, however, a caveat: no longer are ostentatious designs acceptable. There are fewer reasons to embellish your homes with lavish designs and luxurious decor. Not only do they require upkeep and a far greater investment but a more considered and refined expression tends to go much further than louder alternatives. Besides, showing off is never a good quality.

That isn’t to say that seeking to be the envy of your neighbourhood is an unnecessary pursuit. In fact, it has many benefits, such as improving your property’s value, heightening your own enjoyment, and encouraging others to do much the same.

With that in mind, we’ve put together the best ways to make your garden the true envy of the neighbourhood, without any of the showings off!

Solar Panels

Installing solar panels makes a statement. You are showing your neighbours that not only do you care about the environment but that it is entirely possible to take action against climate change within your own home.

Both panels and batteries are more affordable, less cumbersome, and more efficient than ever, and can reduce the cost of your energy bill as well as the size of your carbon footprint. And, if they encourage even a single neighbour to take the same action in their home, you’ll have made an eco-friendly difference.

Sheds, Cabins, and Outbuildings

Having your own private, indoor space within your garden is a luxury. In addition to giving you somewhere to work or relax outside of your home, it also has the potential to welcome guests. Log cabins and summer houses can be converted into hangouts and bedrooms, giving friends and family a place to enjoy.

Many residents are also making use of their outbuildings and converted sheds by using them as spaces for hobbies or income projects. The dedicated space they offer is perfect for supporting creative and professional endeavours, right from your own garden. They are also far easier to maintain when compared with natural landscapes, which can quickly become overgrown or unappealing if left unattended.

Feed Yourself

Growing your own fruits and vegetables, whether from inside a polytunnel or right from the earth, is a surefire way to impress the street. In addition to earning a gastronomic reputation, you’ll also begin saving money on your shopping bill and likely eat more healthily too.

If you begin to grow too much, which does tend to be a common problem because of the satisfaction that comes with growing, you can always offer your produce to neighbours, whether as a gift or to trade. Neighbourhood groups online are already beginning to fill with locals trading their homegrown goods, and it’s a great way to develop your community connections while improving your knowledge and health.