How To Save Your Furniture From Carpenter Ants

We share the world with multiple other organisms that live with us. Apart from humans, there are thousands of species of animals, birds, and insects.

Talking about insects, there is a wide variety of these little organisms that co-exist with us. One of such widely seen types of insects is fourmis charpentières. These ants are most commonly seen around in our day to day lives. They can be seen living somewhere in your wooden furniture, making a colony in your old tables. Moreover, ants live in a large colony; therefore, if your furniture is home to some, it is certain that there must be several hundreds of them living at your table. Carpenter ants do not eat up the wood like the termite, but rather they damage the wood to create tunnels to facilitate the colony’s movement.

What causes carpenter ants?

Well, these are natural insects and are small enough to enter anywhere. However,  fourmis charpentières are likely to make their homes in woods that have been wet and damaged or are currently dampened. They are likely to choose places where they can find easy survival sources such as air, moist and food. It is estimated that every carpenter ants colony has approximately 10-20000 ants.

How to get rid of the carpenter ants?

Before you keep watching the ants ruin your furniture, it is better to do something about it. It is better to the corners and furniture clean and away from damage. Another very effective way of fighting the ants is through sugar and baking soda. This method is fairly easy. You need to have some sugar and baking soda, mix them in equal proportions and keep them in a dish. The sugar shall attract the ants, whereas the baking soda shall kill them as it works like poison.

The use of insecticides to cure the problem

Moreover, another effective way that is adopted by many now is applying insecticides on the furniture. You can buy any insecticide from the market to prevent having any insect near or on the wooden surfaces altogether. However, in this method, one must make sure that the furniture is regularly maintained. Once the insecticide is no longer active, one must apply the solution again to continue its effect.

Carpenter ants are little creatures but capable of damaging furniture worth a lot of money. These methods can save you from the damage.