How to Prepare for a Major Home Remodel

Did you know that a major home remodel can take anywhere from three to 12 weeks? This number can depend on the number of rooms you’re remodeling, ordering supplies, and the schedule of the contracting company you work with.

Are you thinking about doing a home renovation project, but the idea makes you feel overwhelmed? Here are some steps you will need to take for a home remodel preparation, so you can devote your attention to the project at hand.

Figure Out Lodging if Needed

If you have a major home remodeling project, it may be a better idea to stay with family, friends, or even at a hotel. Even if you have access to some parts of your home, the noise and pollutants from construction could lower your quality of life.

Ask around to see if you can pay rent to stay with your family and friends. Many motels also offer discounted weekly rates if you book ahead of time.

Set a Budget and Stick to It

You may want to go all out for your home renovation project, but it is important that you make a budget at the beginning. With extra time from contractors or unforeseen problems, it is easy to go over your budget.

When you set a budget, go over it with your contracting company and make sure that you leave room for any potential issuesduring the home renovation. That way, you will not have to scramble to pay your other bills if something happens.

Accommodate Children and Pets

Preparing for a remodel can be especially difficult if you have children and pets. Make sure that if you need alternate lodging, wherever you choose is pet-friendly.

If you can remain in your home, then ensure that remodeled areas stay out of reach for pets and children. They are a risk for injury and toxic materials that could cause real damage if children and animals aren’t supervised.

Make Internal Adjustments

If you plan on living in your house during the home remodeling project, then you may need to change how you and your family do things for the duration of the renovation. You may not have access to certain rooms and areas of the house, so you need to plan around them.

For instance, if you need kitchen upgrades, then you will not be able to use your kitchen for a while. You may need to rely on a microwave or portable stove to cook food in the meantime.

Make It Through Your Home Remodel

If you start a home remodel, you should not have to worry about how you and your family will cope with construction, losing access to certain areas, or the cost. With these tips, you can proceed with the home renovation project and look forward to seeing the results on the other side.

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