How To Keep Your Pool & Pool Area Safe For Your Family & Friends.

If you have been lucky enough to have purchased a property that had a pool already or you had the necessary finances to be able to install one by yourself, then you and your family are very fortunate indeed because now you can take a swim early in the morning or last thing at night. Having a swimming pool was a lifesaver for many families all across Australia during the pandemic period and it allowed them to stay fit and healthy while staying within the confines of their home. Many pool owners do not know however that your swimming pool needs to be properly assessed as to its overall safety and so if you haven’t done that by now then maybe it’s time.

There are a number of pool certifiers in Sydney that are more than up to the task and they will come out to your home to give your swimming pool and swimming pool area a once over and tell you whether or not it is a safe space. The following are just some of the things that they will bring to your attention so that you can get them addressed.

  • Loose & cracked tiles – These are predominantly found at the bottom of the swimming pool where nobody really gets the chance to see them unless they catch their foot which causes a nasty cut. You probably only have friends and family in your swimming pool, but you never know when people might want to make a claim against your house insurance for a nasty cut that their children receive.
  • Loose ladders – It is clear that it needs to be safe to get in and out of your swimming pool and the thing to remember here is that the nuts and bolts that are holding the ladders onto the side of your swimming pool are prone to rust and they can come loose. It could cause a very nasty injury if someone were getting into are leaving your swimming pool and so this is something that your pool certifier will bring to your attention.

They will also make you aware of having safety equipment all around the pool so that in the event that someone gets into difficulties, you can easily provide them with assistance when they need it the most. You also might want to consider installing a pool fence to keep out unwanted visitors and animals.