How to Keep Your House Clean: 6 Helpful Tips

A dirty house can lead to depression, anxiety, and the development of disorders such as hoarding. If you want to have great mental health you need to learn how to keep your house clean. Cleaning a home is only part of this.

You also need to learn how to live a clean lifestyle so unnecessary dirt and messes don’t start to pile up. You need to cultivate a clean routine and use all the necessary tools at your disposal such as maid services.

If you have questions about cleaning a house or are wondering how you can stay ahead of all the messes in your life check out these 6 helpful house cleaning tips.

1. Start a No Shoes Inside Policy

If you or your family walk into your home with their shoes on they will track in mud and grime. You will be stuck in a perpetual unnecessary cycle of sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping to try and keep up.

Instead, put a welcome mat out front that says “no shoes inside please” or something along those lines. Get a shoe rack and put it by the door to store people’s shoes. At the very least, nicely ask your guests to take off their shoes.

2. Pick a Cleaning Day

Nobody likes to spend every day cleaning. While you can handle some micro-cleaning like doing the dishes, tidying up the kitchen, or sweeping the floor, don’t let cleaning run your day.

Instead, pick a day that you can dedicate to cleaning your home. Deep clean, do laundry, and vacuum on this day. You can work it into your weekly routine and you may even find that you start to look forward to cleaning day.

3. How to Keep Your House Clean by Vacuuming

Vacuuming is one of the most essential ways to keep your house clean. Dust, sand, and dirt can ruin your flooring and also be home to bugs like dust mites or fleas.

When vacuuming, start with surfaces and couches. Take everything off your floor that can get in the way and try to find a central location to plug in your vacuum. Start with the dirtiest room first and work from there.

4. Take Advantage of Maid Services

Even if you deep clean your house every month and set a cleaning day every week you won’t be able to do everything you need to keep your house clean. You need to consider hiring a maid to avoid getting overwhelmed.

Finding the right house cleaners involves checking out their capabilities and price. You should also try to ensure that your schedule works with theirs to avoid any timing conflicts.

5. Ban Food From Bedrooms

You need to start a strict no food in bedrooms policy in your household. This is particularly true if you have messy children. Crumbs lead to ants and rotting food. Eat in dining areas and common areas, not in your room.

6. Have Every Family Member Help Out

If one person is doing all of the housecleaning they will get burnt out and not do a good job. Having one person clean everything is also not fair or good for their mental health. Delegate cleaning jobs to each family member.

Enjoy Your Clean Home

Nobody likes living in squalor but learning how to keep your house clean can seem like a full-time job. If you tackle your messes little by little and set up a routine you should be able to keep your house clean.

Use the 6 tips in this guide to aid you in your quest for a clean home. If you enjoyed reading this article and want to find other meaningful ones like it make sure to check back with our blog from time to time.