How to Increase Floor Space in Your Home

Did you know that 25% of people outgrow their homes or apartments within 2 years of living there in the United States?

As families grow and people accumulate items needed for their houses, they begin to run out of space and increase clutter.

If you want to make the most of your space, one of the best solutions is to focus on how much room you have on the floors.

Continue reading to discover the best ways to increase floor space in your home or apartment!

Utilize the Walls

If you want to add space in your home for storage containers and decorations, you should utilize your walls.

By installing shelves on your walls, like in the kitchen or storage areas, you can eliminate items on the floor. Hanging shelves up will not only get items off of the floor, but it will also make the room look more complete and decorated.

Another way that you can utilize the walls in your home and reduce clutter is by hanging up drapes. Many types of drapes will help block the sun and keep your rooms cool in the summer. They can reduce the need to put a floor fan in the room and clear up corners.

Mount the TV

After you have gotten new wall paint, you can put a TV mount on the wall.

TV mounts help increase floor space because you don’t need to get an entertainment center for them to sit on. Entertainment centers and tables can take up the little space that you are already working with.

If you decide to mount your TV, make sure that you purchase the correct size mount for your flat screen and find a stud to drill into. One of the biggest mistakes that people make with mounting TVs is not installing them properly and they later fall out of the wall!

Get Multi-Function Furniture

If you want to increase floor space in your home or apartment, a great solution is multi-function furniture.

Finding furniture that acts as multiple pieces can reduce the need for buying more items and having them take up space. A great example of this is the Murphy Desk Bed, which allows you to work at a desk and fold it up when you are done. Once the desk is folded, you can bring down the bed and relax!

You can also get beds that provide storage underneath if you are short on closet space. Some people recommend getting stackable beds or lofting a bed to also increase floor space.

Purchase Exposed-Leg Furniture

Trying to declutter a home can be a difficult task, especially if you only have the essentials inside.

Buying exposed-leg furniture is a great way to increase floor space and make your home or apartment look larger. When people can see under the furniture, it doesn’t make everything feel so boxed in and filled out.

When you purchase furniture with non-exposed legs, it can limit your space to move around. Avoid chunky pieces of furniture that look large in small areas. Even skipping on chairs with arms can help make your open space appear larger.

Increase Storage Areas

If you want to get rid of your items on the floor and open spaces up, you should invest in storage cabinets.

A perfect example of storage cabinets that won’t take up floor space is the over-the-toilet shelve. This type of shelf often has a cabinet and other shelves for you to place bathroom essentials. Instead of putting the toilet paper stock in a container next to the toilet, you can place it on the shelf where it is out of the eye’s range.

Another way to increase floor space is by installing heavy-duty shelves in storage rooms and closets. These shelves will help you stay organized and keep items off of the floor.

Get Rid of Clutter 

One of the most effective ways of opening floor space in a small home is to get rid of clutter.

If you have broken furniture or items hanging around your house, it is time to get rid of them. Even the items that you don’t use should be donated to charity or sold, if possible. Take a walk around your home or apartment and examine the items that are no longer needed.

As you get rid of clutter in your home and organize, you might realize that you don’t need as much space as you thought. Reducing clutter will help make your home look clean and it will be easier to find your belongings.

Transform Unused Space

Do you have a closet or area of the house that is being underutilized? 

If so, you should consider transforming the space into something productive and helpful. Many people are turning closets into desk areas for working from home or studying for school. You can also turn nooks into little libraries by filling the wall with shelves for book storage and adding a small bench to read on.

Many people recommend utilizing space under staircases for storage. By adding a small light and shelves, you can make this unused area the perfect storage spot for cleaning products, decorations, and more.

The more that you utilize your unused spaces, the easier it will be to clear items off of your floor.

Increase Your Floor Space

When it comes to decluttering a home, increasing floor space is the first step to take.

Hanging shelves on the wall can help organize your home and will allow a convenient place to put up decorations. You should also consider mounting your TV to get extra space in your bedrooms and living areas.

If you have limited space, you could look for multi-function furniture that will handle multiple needs at once. Don’t be afraid to transform small spaces into libraries or offices, as this can open up more room in your home.

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