How To Deal With Blocked Drains

A clogged drain is among the most frequent causes of calling a plumber. Blocked sinks are the source of minor issues, including offensive odors and water that will not drain. However, if these problems are allowed to worsen, life can rapidly turn into a nightmare.

Examples Of Blocked Drain

Damage to property and health issues for individuals and animals can result from blocked drains Medway. The following are the initial warning signs of a clogged drain:

Foul Odour

The initial sign can be a strange odor. Most of the time, this smell is sewage-like, and you could go to the restroom and assume someone didn’t flush. Another indication of a clogged drain is:


Most likely, you are accustomed to having everything go down the drain. It is, therefore, rather unsettling to see water gush back up. You’re dealing with a blockage if the sewer is filling up.

Sluggish Drain

You might discover there are water pools for a while than you anticipated after emptying your washbasin or showering. The issue typically gets worse than it gets better on its own, indicating that the obstruction worsens.

Organic Cleaners

To clear up drain clogs, you may employ various organic cleaners to produce a fizzing effect. Try flushing a single cup of bicarbonate of soda and one glass of vinegar over the drain after pouring hot water down it first. Ten minutes later, follow up with additional simmering water. Blockages can be removed using hot water and an all-natural cleansing mixture.

Relining Of Pipes

Pipe relining is a quick and affordable substitute for complete pipe replacement when water lines are damaged due to a persistent obstruction. After removing the problematic obstruction, we reline the sewer line using movable instruments and resin.

There are several causes of blocked drains. Some are obvious, whereas others you might not even consider. Try utilizing any of the home treatments it has recommended if you hear gurgling sounds, your drains are emptying slowly, or you smell something unpleasant. It’s time to contact a professional plumber if they fail to function.


Excavation is required in cases of severe drainage blockages. Digging must surround the drain to substitute or fix some of the pipes. While this method isn’t always required, it can prevent significant harm to the remainder of your plumbing.

Clearing Clogged Drains By Experts

Identifying the location of the obstruction in the drainage system is the first step. It will determine the approach your plumber takes to resolve the problem. If the plumbing professional from Kent drainage services thinks the obstruction is close to the drain opening, they could start by using a closet auger or plunger.

They could use a CCTV drain camera specially made to find the issue as a substitute. Along with the drainage system, this camera can record any additional trouble places; the individual or organization can save the footage for later use.

What Causes Blocked Drainage And Pipes?

Wet tissues thrown down the bathroom drain are the main culprit for blockages. These are made out of plastic and are not biodegradable like toilet paper.

Additionally, oils and fats from cooking that are dumped down the drain adhere to and harden within the sewer lines. It accumulates as more is poured down the plughole.