How Does Weed and Feed Revive Your Lawn?

Proper care and treatment are essential in maintaining a lush green lawn. You can do this by getting rid of weeds and ensuring decent growth of your grass.

Getting rid of weeds helps your lawn keep its good shape. It eliminates the possibility of having pests and other diseases. Weed and feed are simple solutions for maintaining good lawn conditions.

Get rid of those ugly brown patches and uneven areas of your lawn. Read this article and find out how weed and feed can help your lawn green up and become lush.

Facts About Weed And Feed

Before we begin, it is necessary to know what weed and feed are. Weed and feed are chemicals that help strengthen your lawn by killing unwanted weeds. It also helps absorb more water which benefits your grass.

The advantage of weed and feed from other weed killers is that it also acts as a fertilizer. It gives essential nutrients to your lawn and aids strong grassroots development.

The weed is herbicides Dicamba, 2, 4-D, and or MCPP. These chemicals aim to get rid of dandelions, dollarweed, and other common leafy weeds.

The feed is nitrogen, potassium, and or phosphorus. These aim to provide nourishment to your lawn.

Weed And Feed Types

Weed and feed come in two types, granular and liquid. You can use the liquid by mixing it with water and spraying it on dry or wet grass. They use granular type by spreading it on your wet lawn, then allowing it to attach to the weeds.

Choosing the right type is not that hard, as both have the same purpose. But, make sure to follow the instructions to get the best results.

Also, you can take note of the weeds that grow in your yard. Some herbicides are better for some weeds than others. The same goes for fertilizers.

Pre-emergent Weed And Feed

The process is that you apply pre-emergent weed and feed before weeds can grow. You can also use this on your lawn for maintenance.

Apply pre-emergent weed and feed to your lawn at least once a year. Weeds can re-appear, so using pre-emergent weed and feed can prevent them from returning.

Post-emergent Weed and Feed

If you already have weeds in your lawn, you should use post-emergent weed and feed. The amount of chemicals you can use depends on how many weeds need killing.

If you are dealing with many weeds, it’s best to seek professional help for your lawn care. can help and give you advice on that.

When To Apply

The time when you apply weed and feed can affect the effectiveness of the chemical. Some might also ask how do seasons impact strategy in using weed and feed?

To achieve the best result, you should set your timing right. Usually, spring and fall is the best time to fertilize your lawn. However, it generally depends on your grass type and location. Avoid using weed and feed when it’s too hot and too cold.

How Weed And Feed Revive Your Lawn

Remember to read the instruction that comes with your weed and feed product. Weed and feed are great tools in maintaining your lawn’s health and beautiful appearance. Take note of the tips in this article and make your lawn lush and green.

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