How Do I Choose the Best Solar Company in My Local Area?

Are you interested in taking advantage of one of the most popular new forms of electricity generation? If so, solar panels are where you need to put your attention. Reports show that solar power made up 58% of all new energy capacity in the United States during the first part of 2021.

The question is, how can you find someone who will safely install solar panels on your home and do the job right?

It takes some work on your part to find the best solar company. Keep reading to find the best solar energy company in your local area.

Verify Licensing and Insurance Coverage

You need to follow a set of rules if you want to work as a home contractor. These rules are laid out in licensing courses that contractors need to pass before getting a license. Verify anyone you work with passed their licensing tests before working with them.

The other piece of paperwork you need to verify is insurance. An insured company will help guarantee that any damages get paid out if an accident happens on your property. You don’t want an accident to happen when a worker is on-site and not have any coverage for the damages.

Look Into Scheduling Availability

The demand for solar is higher than it’s been for a while. The low cost has convinced many people to make the switch finally. Unfortunately, this is a problem if you want to work with a popular solar installer.

Ask a solar provider when they expect to be able to get to your home for the installation. If you want the work completed soon, you’ll need to find a solar company that can handle your building timeline.

Get Multiple Quotes

It’s tempting for many homeowners to work with the first solar company they speak with. They aren’t aware of how these companies price their services and products, so they don’t think there will be much difference in the price.

Thinking this is a mistake. You can find drastically different pricing with different companies. Get quotes from at least three contractors and look for the company that provides the most value for your money.

Find a Great Warranty

Things won’t always go smoothly during a solar installation, even if you find a great installer. There is always the chance that a worker will make an error or you’ll buy a bad part. The question is, will you have to pay again when this happens?

A warranty will ensure that you’ll have no extra out-of-pocket costs. Look for solar companies that provide warranties for both labor and equipment.

Look at Past Customer Testimonials

You won’t learn everything about a solar company just by speaking with the representatives. Their job is to paint the company in the best light possible. It’s hard to learn the negatives of working with someone based on that experience.

Great companies like have plenty of good reviews that back up what they say. Check online for customer testimonials to see whether or not other people have good experiences with a solar company.

Now You Can Find the Best Solar Company

You’re making a significant investment when you invest in renewable energy. The last thing you want to happen is to find one of the bad companies in the solar industry and end up wasting your money. Use the tips above to find the best solar company in your area to get the solar system you’re looking for.

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