How Can I Create More Space in My Home Without Buying Storage Space?

One in ten Americans rent offsite storage. This is in spite of the fact that the average American homes are triple the size they were 50 years ago.

But you might not be a hoarder, and you might need more space for a valid and understandable reason. You could be opening your online vintage store and need somewhere to store your inventory. Or you could be welcoming twins and have the unexpected pleasure of needing to store more baby gear!

Lucky for you, there are always ways to create more space in your home.

These tips will help you find the storage space you need. You will be able to keep all your essentials on hand and won’t have to resort to expensive off-site storage on top of homeownership expenses.

Clear Out Most of Your Clutter

Sorry to break it to you, but the simplest way to create more space in your home is by decluttering the vast majority of your stuff. But don’t panic; these decluttering home tips will guide you through the process.

30-Day Decluttering Game

If you feel overwhelmed with the amount of stuff in your home, you could make decluttering fun and play this game popularized by The Minimalists. On day one, you get rid of one item, on day two, you get rid of two items, and so on for 30 days.

By the end of the 30 days, over 500 items will be out of your home, and you will gain the momentum to continue with other techniques. You can challenge other people you live with to see how many days they can continue to get rid of their unloved items.

The KonMari Method

Another way to declutter is The KonMari Method, created by Netflix star Marie Kondo. She recommends tackling your household items by category, not by room, in this order:

  • Clothing
  • Books (and other media)
  • Paper
  • Miscellaneous
  • Mementoes

Sentimental items are often the hardest to part with, so it is better to do those last, so you don’t lose momentum. She says that you should pick up an item and ask yourself whether the item “sparks joy” or not. If it doesn’t, it is time to let the item go.

Ask Yourself Hard Questions

Don’t fancy using these methods, or are you still stuck on a few items? There are some questions you could ask yourself to determine whether to keep an item or not. Some of these are:

  • Does this item add value to my life?
  • If I lost this item or broke it, would I replace it?
  • Have I used this item in the last year?
  • Is the expense or space needed to keep this item worth it?
  • Does this item have significant sentimental value?

If you answer “no” to most or all these questions, it is time to let the item go.

You could sell, donate, or recycle these items. And if those options aren’t available, throwing it in the trash is still better than holding on to it and having the item take up valuable space.

Invest in Bespoke Bookshelves and Closets

Blessed with high ceilings or cursed with sloping roofs or walls? You could be wasting a lot of potential space by not having furniture or storage options that fit exactly into those spaces.

A smart homeowner would invest in bespoke furniture. And not only do full-length bookshelves save space, but they look great too.

If you can’t make custom furniture, use pretty storage boxes of different sizes that you can squeeze into awkward spaces. It could become an eye-catching feature as well as being a useful way of making more storage.

Revamp and Reboard Your Loft Space

Many people use their attic space as a forgotten wasteland of childhood toys and holiday decorations. But it could be much more! There are so many benefits to having loft boarding and a functional set up in your loft.

Start by making sure your loft has insulation, and all electrics are safe and tucked away. Then you could add more lighting and a handy pull-down ladder after you board the floor.

You could then use your loft space for large items and stuff you need on a more regular basis, like gift wrap or sports equipment. And it will free up some of the space in the rest of your home.

Create Versatile and Multifunctional Rooms

If your guest bedroom only has a sad twin bed and an exercise bike you never use in it, then you could do so much more with this space.

The more uses a room has, the more space you will save. You could turn it into a home office, spare bedroom, and home gym all in one.

Install shelves for weights on your walls rather than allowing them to take up floor space. Buy storage drawers or shelves that fit everything you need for work and not a regular filing cabinet if it is too big for your exact needs.

Get Creative With Storage Hacks

So you can use every inch of space in your house well; you might need to get creative. Whenever you buy a new piece of furniture, consider how it might provide more storage.

Want a new footstool? Buy one that has a lift-up cubby. Ottomans are also great if you have larger items to store.

Need a new bed? Buy one with drawers underneath. And if you are designing a new bathroom, opt for a sink with a cabinet to store your bathroom essentials.

Think Outside the Box (Or Your House)

If you do not have the space for more stuff inside your home, but you have a big backyard, why not use it?

Build a shed to store all your non-essential equipment. If protecting your stuff from the weather is a concern, invest in air-tight plastic containers and vacuum-sealed bags.

Create More Space for Your Big House Dreams

There are always ways to find more space in your home for your stuff. You only need a bit of creativity and a dash of hard work to transform your cluttered house into a home that fits your lifestyle.

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