Five Common Signs You May Have a Rodent Infestation

Rodents are putting a dent in America. A 2019 survey revealed that the residents of 14.8 million residences in the United States spotted rodents in their homes.

A rodent infestation isn’t just about having a few mice in your house. It can cause you to get sick and it can damage the stability of your house. You must get rid of rodents, and your first step is to look for the signs of rodents.

What do rodents leave behind? Where can you spot the signs of rodents? When is it essential for you to get a rodent treatment?

Answer these questions and you can control a rodent infestation through some basic steps. Here are five signs of an infestation.

1. Rodent Droppings

You may find fresh or old rodent droppings. Fresh droppings tend to be dark brown or black, resembling small clumps of dirt. They are moist to the touch, though they flatten under pressure.

Old droppings are dry and gray, akin to dust. They crumble if you push or step on them, which can make them hard to see.

You may be able to find droppings inside cupboards or near food packages. If you find a lot of droppings, you may be near a rodent nest.

2. Pet Activity

Cats and dogs can become excited if they go near rodents. They may start sniffing under furniture or scratching at the walls. They may smell rodent urine or they may spot rodents as they move around.

If you notice your pet in an area that they haven’t been in previously, you should check the area out. You can use a flashlight to look at the edges of walls and appliances.

3. Scratching Noises

Rodents try to keep silent. But they can make noise as they move around. They may scratch their claws or teeth into the walls, or they may step on a noisy floor.

It can be hard to trap rodents inside walls. You should hire a rodent control company like Why U Buggin Pest in order to kill rats that you cannot see.

4. Gnaw Marks

Rodents like to eat the food that people eat. But they can mistake pieces of furniture and wood for food.

You may be able to find gnaw marks on the legs of your furniture and along the bottoms of your food containers. The darker the mark is, the older it is.

5. Nests

Rodents will use whatever materials are on hand to make nests. They prefer soft and malleable materials like shredded paper and dried grass. Nests tend to be circular and small, providing enough room for them to sleep.

You can find nests in your basement or in the corners of your rooms. Nests are tell-tale signs of rodents, so you need to find a rodent removal company right away.

The Five Most Common Signs of Rodent Infestation

A rodent infestation can occur at any point. Rodents may leave droppings behind, which can spread pathogens throughout your house. Your pets may become hyperactive, smelling urine or spotting rats on your floor.

You may not hear squeaking, but you may hear scratching. Rodents eat people’s food and furniture, which can cause chairs and tables to collapse. They can build nests in any room or basement.

You must call for an infestation company after you spot multiple signs of infestation. Rodents are just one pest you must deal with. Read more pest control guides by following our coverage.