Factors To Consider When Building An Aviary At Home

If you are an animal lover and have always wanted a pet bird but do not want to keep them in a cage, you can consider making an aviary to keep them outside. It will give the bords much more space and allow them to fly as they do in the wild, but there are various factors you will need to consider when building an aviary in your home. You will want the bords to live a comfortable life as natural as possible, and their welfare should always be your primary concern. Below are some factors to consider when designing and building an aviary to help ensure you do a fantastic job and create a perfect place for your birds.

What Birds Will You Keep?

One of the first things you will need to consider is what type of birds you will keep and how many? You will need to ensure that you do not get too many birds, so they have plenty of room, and your aviary is not too crowded. Once you know the types of birds that you are interested in keeping, you will need to have a budget in mind to cover the cost of building the aviary and buying the birds.

Designing Your Aviary

Depending on the materials you use to build your aviary, and how big it is, you will most likely not need planning permission as it will be classified as a temporary structure. You will need a good foundation for the aviary, so it is often best to have a concrete floor, but the weight of the aviary will not be too much, so it does not have to be too thick. The aviary panels are lightweight and straightforward to install, but you will need to pay attention to the roof and ensure it does not leak. Depending on the orientation of your garden where the aviary will be, you may need to offer protection from the sun or wind and ensure there are no gaps that the birds can escape through.

Keeping The Birds Happy

You will also need to ensure that you have lots of stimulation in your aviary to keep your birds happy and allow them to live as natural life as possible. You will need to ensure there is somewhere for the birds to roost and that each pair of birds have a nest box they can use. You will also want lots of places to perch and plenty of room for them to fly. You will also need to learn about the birds you are keeping and ensure that you can care for them adequately.

Learn To Care For Your Birds

You will need to do plenty of research on caring for the birds you are planning to keep, and there are plenty of online resources to help you with this. The Beauty of Birds website is an excellent resource you can use that can help you plan a mixed aviary and teach you how to care for your birds. Ensure you learn everything you can about the birds you will keep and how to care for them, and you can ensure your flock is well taken care of and lives happily.