Exterior Doors: What to Consider When Renovating or Remodeling

Is your front door boring? Are you tired of seeing the same color door your home came with? Or, are you wanting to increase your home’s value when you put it on the market?

Whether you’re looking to sell your home soon or want to change things up, choosing new exterior doors can be daunting. Your home’s doors set an expectation before you or guests even step over the threshold. From curb appearance to practicality, check out this guide for things to keep in mind while finding new doors for your home.

Think About Your Needs

Before browsing through doors, think about what your home needs most. Are you looking for a more secure option? Or are you looking for something with curb appeal that represents you?

Energy Efficiency

While thinking about your ideal doors, keep your electric bill in mind. When doors age, they warp and have gaps between the door and the frame. This could be making your electric bill creep higher and higher as hot and cold air pass into your home.

To buy an energy-efficient door, you have a couple of options. You can pick a door that has a lower chance of warping, like steel. Or, choose a door that shields your home from the elements, like insulated glass or fiberglass.


Another aspect of exterior doors to think about is the security it offers your home. If you have an older door that shows its age, your home may be a target. The best choice for protecting your home is a sturdy door that shows it will hold up.

You may also want to think about the types of locks you’ll want your exterior doors to have. A deadbolt is a popular option when paired with a keycode.


The most obvious feature to think about for your new doors is the appearance! What do you want to add to your home through a new door? Choosing between different colors and styles is where your personality shines through.

From a funky red steel door to beautiful glass to elaborate wood designs, there are doors to please everyone!

Materials for Front Exterior Doors

Now that you’ve thought about your dream door, it’s time to look at the options. Exterior doors have three prominent material types, each with its own unique characteristics.


Wood doors are sturdy and are the most customizable doors on the market. You can add intricate designs or keep them clean and simple.

Though you can choose from a variety of different composites, investing in your wood door will increase its longevity. Hardwoods like fir and walnut may be more expensive upfront, but they’ll warp less and hold up to the elements longer than a softer wood like pine.

Wood can also be different stains and colors to match your aesthetic. Warm, inviting stains welcome guests into your home. Or, paint your door to spice up your entryway and keep your exterior eye-catching.

To get the most out of your wood door, ensure that it is installed in a shaded or protected area. This increases its lifespan by reducing warping and sun-staining.


Fiberglass doors are durable, resisting dents, scratches, and warping. They’re also easy to install in your home.

As far as curb appeal goes, fiberglass doors are as versatile as they are durable. These doors can have a grainy texture to imitate your favorite wood patterns. Or, paint your door your favorite color to stand out!

Fiberglass doors may also help you save a couple of dollars as they have energy-efficient core insulation. This helps regulate the temperature, making them great in extreme climates.


Steel doors are the most durable of the group. If they sound like they may be too industrial for your taste, note that modern steel doors come in many different styles. You can have them shaped with arches and windows, or stained to mimic wood.

If security is your main goal, steel doors offer a tough fight for any unwanted guests. These doors are the most resistant to break-ins.

Steel doors are also the most energy-efficient of the materials, as they are weather-stripped to be resistant to warping. Like fiberglass doors, they have energy-efficient core insulation, allowing them to regulate temperatures better.

Types of Back Exterior Doors

Though your front door is important, the door to your backyard or patio is just as valuable! The most popular back exterior doors are sliding doors and french doors.

Sliding Doors

Adding a sliding door to your home allows you a large window to look out over your backyard or patio.

These doors are often made of:

  • Aluminum, which is easy to maintain at a low cost
  • Vinyl, which is energy-efficient and low maintenance
  • Clad-wood, with the look of wood inside and a protective outside coating
  • Wood, which is the highest quality and most expensive

Sliding doors add a nice view to your home while having energy-efficient options.

French Doors

If sliding doors are not for you, french doors might be! These doors open to reveal your backyard or patio. They have the durability and security of the front doors listed above while offering beautiful views.

French doors are highly customizable, coming in all the materials sliding doors are offered in. They also have options to open inside, outside, or have only one door operational.


Installation of exterior doors can be tricky. If you’re switching out an older door for an updated model, consider hiring an installation company to help you out. Door installation companies are also crucial when you’re installing a new door before selling your home.

For the best work, research lots of options. And, don’t limit yourself to only door installation companies. In some cases, businesses may offer additional services to check out, like Colorado Classic Exteriors window repairs.

Are You Ready to Switch?

Are you ready to make the switch in your exterior doors and change the look of your home?

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