Eight Cool Fridge and Freezer Trends

Innovation in freezer design continues to emerge including being frost-free. Newer models are designed to increase functionality, optimise storage and organisation, as well as maximise space. If you are in the market for a refrigerateur pleine profond or new freezer, below are the modern trends you can come across with:

Bottom Drawers

These days, more and more people are opting for the French door fridge with a bottom drawer freezer over their side-by-side counterpart. This is mainly because of the interior space. In general, more space in both the refrigerator and freezer with such setup.

Deconstructed Fridges and Freezers

These modular styles are chosen by property owners who are remodelling their kitchen or building a new home. This is because of the counter space. Typically, this two-unit combination features a column fridge which is sleeker and slimmer than conventional models, freeing up more counter space you may need for preparing meals.

Tilt-out Technology

Models with this innovation have two slide-back drawers for convenient storage and freezer organisation. This provides better access. Their separate drawers and tiers pull out and tilt which makes it easier for you to find and reach frozen treats or leftovers. With this, you do not need to pull out the entire drawer or dig through all the stuff inside the freezer.

Under-the-Counter Drawers

These high-tech drawers provide many coolness settings, from freezer temperatures to wine chilling. They are installed in center islands where you can prepare your food.

Convertible Refrigerator-Freezers

This provides you with a huge compartment with many drawers and shelves. The entire thing can be used as a freezer or fridge. Also, it can alter the coolness level with a single touch of a button.

LED Lighting

Environment-friendly lighting trend has hit the fridge and freezer market. This allows for less heat than incandescent bulbs and tends to last longer. Some major brands have flashing LED lights in some of their crisper drawers to extend the life of produce.

Hygiene Features

Manufacturers introduced healthy refrigerators to food fresher for longer with the latest models boasting impressive hygiene features like anti-bacterial door seals and deodorisers. These features are designed to minimise odours and bacteria.

Internet Technology

Latest fridges are designed with web connectivity. This allows you to catch up on your emails while you prepare meals. Also, this will alert you when food is about to hit its expiration date.