Different types of kitchen layouts/designs and how to choose the best one for you

Kitchen design is essential as it mirrors your lifestyle and taste. You should plan and design your kitchen, as making it user-friendly for your family is vital. A kitchen design and layout will optimize the use of the space and create an even more efficient work area. Many types of curated modern kitchens can be customized to fit your budget.

Following are the different kitchen layouts that you can choose from-

  1. Island modular kitchen layout.

In urban households, large kitchen spaces have become rampant, and the island modular kitchen designs are currently in form as they spread over the entire kitchen. An island kitchen has a freestanding cabinet, and it can also have stools around it. The kitchen adds a counter and storage space exactly where you need it. The kitchen is also fitted with fixtures and appliances. These appliances are the cooktop, bar stools and sink. The most significant advantage of having an Island kitchen is that it can accommodate all the functionalities.

  1. Parallel modular kitchen.

A parallel modular kitchen layout is vital if your family has more than one cook. This kitchen layout provides ample space for many people without getting in each other’s way. It has two long working areas that face each other, and it can be split into ‘dry’ and ‘wet’ workspaces. The kitchen also provides lots of counter space. It also allows plenty of room for seamless movement.

  1. L-shaped modular kitchen layout.

An L-shaped modular kitchen layout is one which requires thoughtful planning and strategic organization. An L-shaped kitchen is ergonomically appropriate, and it also facilitates a sensible work triangle for the preparation of the food and the cooking and cleaning. It is the type of kitchen design which can be matched to any décor. An L-shaped kitchen should be built at a corner of the home where two walls form a perpendicular angle. However, the primary condition is that one part of the kitchen wall must be twice the length of other.

  1. G-shaped or the peninsula modular kitchen.

A G-shaped kitchen design has a freestanding workspace, and it provides a secondary counter or a work area. The peninsula is connected to main workspace. This makes it accessible from all four sides. It is often considered an ideal layout for homes with small kitchen areas. It utilizes less workspace.

  1. U-shaped modular kitchen design.

A U-shaped modular layout of the kitchen features three walls, and they are lined with appliances and cabinets. This type of kitchen is the most practical kitchen design and it provides a lot of space for the appliances. The main advantage of a U-shaped kitchen design is that it doesn’t allow the traffic to hamper your workflow.

  1. Galley modular kitchen design.

This type of kitchen layout works well with all kitchen styles, and it also enhanced safety and the efficiency while cooking. It is the type of kitchen which can fit several house doors and cabinets. You can also conceal the fridge and the dishwasher behind the cabinet panel.