Different Types of Garden Buildings

The garden in your backyard has always been a very peaceful and welcoming place. It allows you to be one with nature and is very comforting at the same time. It is an amazing place to spend some quality time with your family, or even some personal time, away from all worldly problems and gadgets. One of the best ways to enjoy this all year round is by installing a garden building in your backyard.

Apart from giving you access to stress-free time, a garden building also provides extra space for when you need it. There are several kinds of garden buildings you can build, each serving its own purpose. However, choosing one from the various types available can often be overwhelming. This blog further talks about some of the most common types, adding both function and style to your garden.

Log Cabins:

One of the most common yet versatile choices of garden buildings includes log cabins. They offer an attractive yet practical way to add more space to your home. A log cabin can be used for a number of purposes, some of the most popular ones being a home office, a gym, or even as a kid’s playhouse. These types of cabins are spacious, well-ventilated and valuable. Nowadays, a lot of people work remotely, making this investment worthwhile.

Wooden Gazebos:

Gazebos have been in the market for quite some time now. They are pavilion structures, typically in an octagonal shape, which can be seen in several parks, royal gardens and some public places. However, unlike log cabins, gazebos serve a different purpose. Instead of using it for work, most people install gazebos just to enjoy the sheer beauty of nature and their backyard garden.

These structures are usually self-supporting and open, without windows or doors. A common alternative to bandstands, it offers a versatile way for you to enjoy nature while avoiding the sun. Gazebos often have enclosed or open sides, solely depending on your purpose of building it. They are also very sturdy and can withstand extreme heat, heavy rainfall, strong winds and even snowfall.

Garden Sheds:

Perhaps the most popular type of garden buildings, garden sheds are mainly used for storing gardening utilities rather than personal use. In other words, it offers extra space to your house while also accentuating the beauty of your garden. Along with that, garden sheds are very versatile.

They come in many different sizes and shapes, perfectly fitting your requirements. The main difference between the two garden sheds is their roof structures. While the most common garden shed type is Gable, which has a triangle roof, other types include Salt Box and Gambrel. You can also use a garden shed as a gazebo or greenhouse.

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