Different Options When Looking To Furnish Your New Home

When you buy a new home and are looking to furnish it, it is an exciting time, and you get to use a blank canvass and put your stamp on your new property. When looking for a modern furniture store, Bangkok has plenty of options available, and you will need to shop around to find the best deals on furniture that will look perfect in your new home. Below are some tips to help you start shopping for furniture and help you find what you like at an affordable price.

Visit The Bangkok Furniture Fair

If you can time your search right, you may be able to have it coincide with the annual Furniture Fair in Bangkok, which is usually around July at BiTEC exhibition centre. Most of the furniture retailers in Thailand are selling their furniture at this fair, and some large manufacturers and independent furniture makers will also attend this event. You can often get fantastic deals at these furniture fairs, so they are worth visiting if you want to purchase furniture for your home.

Visit One Of The Many Shopping Malls

There are plenty of shopping malls throughout Bangkok where you can shop for new furniture for your home, and there are often some excellent deals. Most of the larger chain furniture stores have a presence in most shopping malls and some smaller independent retailers. You can browse the various available options, enjoy a snack or lunch while you shop, and furnish your new home in comfort as you look at the furniture available.

Do Not Forget The Markets

There are also plenty of markets you can explore throughout Bangkok that has various furniture options available, and you usually get some excellent antiques. It is worth exploring some of the larger markets, such as Chatuchak Weekend Market, and seeing if there is anything suitable for your home. Chatuchak market is enormous, so you can spend a full day walking around and seeing what is on offer with over 15,000 stalls at this largest open market globally.

Consider Bespoke Furniture

You may also want to consider commissioning bespoke furniture for your home, which can help ensure it is of high quality and is a perfect fit. Various companies are offering custom-made furniture in Bangkok, and there are some highly skilled craftspeople making beautiful bespoke furniture. If you are looking for a unique looking home, custom furniture is an excellent way to achieve this while creating the perfect place to live for you and your family.