Deck Decorating: The Essential Deck Design Ideas for Summer

Summer is the perfect time for relaxing outside. Whether you’re soaking in the sun or simply enjoying the warmth, sitting on your deck with a cold drink is a summertime favorite.

Considering all the time you and your family spend outside, having a good-looking area to sit and relax is a must.

Deck designs can bring life to your lounge area. An upgrade, new decorations, or even a fresh coat of paint may change your entire outlook on your home. If you want to learn more about deck design ideas, continue reading below.

  1. Do You Need a Deck Built?

Unfortunately, many people don’t have a deck to enjoy during the warmer months of the year. If you happen to be one of these people, now’s the time to add that deck addition you’ve been dreaming about.

Building a deck can be a fun adventure. Choosing a design you enjoy, the deck materials you like, and a great contractor to work with can leave you excited for what’s to come.

The right team of builders can get your deck together and ready for long summer nights in no time.

If you truly want to spend time outside, in all types of weather situations, your deck plans need to include a sturdy roof. Great roofing teams like the ones on are the people you need for the job.

A sloped roof with decorative gutters and downspouts can make your time outside far more enjoyable. You’ll be able to sit and listen to the rainfall while keeping dry.

  1. Protect Your Deck from the Elements

Your deck’s roof is great for protecting you from the weather outside, but what about your deck itself?

No one wants to have a deck that is in disrepair due to the elements. By taking the steps to properly care for your deck, you can avoid these problems.

Different types of deck material need particular care. If you have a wooden deck, using a weather seal will protect your deck from heavy rains and cold winter snows. The same can be said for stone or concrete decks.

Before you can begin decorating and enjoying your deck to its fullest, you need to feel safe while you use it.

  1. Choose Your Favorite Deck Furniture

This is where the fun really begins. Deck decorating is a great time for the entire family. You, your partner, and even the kids can take part in choosing what they would like to lounge on when a get-together happens.

Deck furniture is a personal choice. When browsing online or in your favorite outdoor furniture store, you’ll find a wide array of options to choose from.

With a covered deck, the type of furniture you use is more protected. This allows you to pick favorites like wicker and bamboo if those are up your alley.

If you prefer an uncovered deck or live in an area where your furniture may become damaged, sticking with plastic or even wooden furnishings may be better for your situation.

If you feel concerned about your deck furniture, you always have the option of tying it down if winds or weather get rough. This will save you from spending hours the following day chasing down all your tables and chairs.

  1. Adding Decorations Bring the Look Together

Some people enjoy flowers on their deck. According to the type of deck you have, adding planters and flower boxes can bring your deck designs to life.

When choosing the right flowers, keep your needs in mind. If you plan on changing things up each year, you may want to use annual flowers and plants. These types grow for the season and finish up when cold weather arrives.

If you want a simpler way to enjoy flowers on your deck without the worry of constantly replanting, perennials are the way to go. These types of flowers die down in the late fall or winter like others but regrow the following year when the time comes.

Keep in mind, if plants are an addition you enjoy, bushes look great on the deck.

According to the size of plant you’re interested in, a heavy planter can be purchased to allow it to sit at the steps of your deck or near your home’s entrance. This will offer a pleasant view for anyone who steps on your deck.

  1. Other Additions to Try

No summer deck is complete without a fire pit. These special additions offer the perfect place for the family together and spend time with one another. Whether you’re wanting smores or spooky stories and stormy nights, a fire pit can set any mood.

Area rugs also bring together your deck designs. If you want an additional splash of color, a rug featuring your favorite summer colors is just the thing. Matching your area rug with your outdoor furnishings can bring your entire look together.

Another cool addition people love for their decks is canopies. A flowing canopy can add a touch of beauty to your lounging area. This is especially great for spending time with someone special on summer evenings.

These extra additions are fun and creative ways to add the final touches to your deck designs and bring together your summer look.

Deck Designs Take Planning and Creativity

When you’re ready to make the most of your summer, the perfect deck designs will help get things started. By taking these ideas into mind when coming up with your deck plans, you can let your creativity flow.

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