Debunking the Most Common Spring Gardening Myths That Exist Today

Do you love gardening?

If so, you’re not alone. In fact, home gardening is more popular than ever. Millions of people across the country find spending time in their backyard garden the ideal way to relax while also getting in touch with nature and providing fresh produce for their families.

Cultivating beautiful landscaping throughout the year isn’t easy. That’s why there are so many myths, especially when it comes to spring gardening. Fortunately, this article can help clear the air.

Here we take a look at things you need to understand about the spring gardening season that will probably surprise you. Keep reading to learn more.

Potting Soil Should Be Changed Every Year

Have you been told your entire life that it’s important to change your potting soil at the start of each planting season? If so, you can feel free to toss this advice right out the window.

The truth is that most potting soil remains rich enough to last at least 2 years. This will save you a little money and a lot of work when it starts warming up outside.

You Can Sweeten Your Soil With Sugar

Believe it or not, some people are convinced that adding sugar to their soil will help sweeten their tomatoes. And while there are a few tips that are pretty effective for growing more delicious tomatoes, adding sugar or baking soda won’t produce the results you’re hoping for.

Why? Well, the sweetness of the tomatoes in your garden actually comes from the type of tomato plants you purchase and the photosynthesis process.

You Can Get Rid of Ants With Chalk

Another common gardening myth claims that you can dissuade ants from coming around by drawing a boundary with chalk. But the average smart homeowner understands that this remedy for ants isn’t based on any type of scientific evidence.

You should consider decorating your backyard with funny garden flags.

Baking Soda Cures Black Spot

There’s no denying that baking soda has plenty of uses around the house. Unfortunately, this doesn’t include getting rid of black spot on your garden plants.

The best strategy for dealing with this common problem is to mix 1 part mix with 2 parts water. Then spray this on any plants afflicted with the solution before the black spot problem gets out of hand.

An added benefit of this solution is to control powdery mildew. Just keep in mind that the milk will sour, so you shouldn’t spray it on edibles.

You Can Repel Flies With Pennies In Water

You probably have at least one friend or family member who places pennies in water-filled bags around their gardens. They claim this keeps flies away from their flowers and vegetables. Unfortunately, this is just folklore.

A Guide to Spring Gardening Myths

It’s no secret that creating beautiful landscaping in your backyard requires a lot of hard work and planning. Fortunately, this guide to common myths about spring gardening will help you cultivate the garden of your dreams in the new year.

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