Debunking the Most Common Roofing Company Myths That Exist Today

It is estimated that around 25% of the heat lost in homes goes through the roof. This translates to a lot of wasted money. But did you know a maintained roof can stop this from happening?

Many people avoid calling a roofing company because of the unjustified reputation they have. Read on as we debunk the common roofing company myths that exist.

You Can Do It Yourself

Like anything in the home, you can do it yourself. The question is to what level of quality. In addition, you need to think about how safe the repairs will be, and how safe you are yourself.

To repair a roof properly you will need the correct tools. These can cost almost as much as calling local roofers to do it for you. In addition, unless you are a professional you can misdiagnose the problem and make the roof worse.

They Will Install New Shingles Over Existing Ones

The best roofers would never advise putting new shingles over old ones. As the old ones wear away underneath, they will simply damage the foundation of your new roof.

Putting new shingles on old ones would only work if the existing shingles were in good condition and had polyurethane foam sprayed on top. However, this would not be worth doing, as you would already have a roof that was in good condition.

They Will Recommend a Metal Roof

There are just as many myths about your roofing options as there are myths about roofing companies. Some people believe metal roofing helps prevent ice dams, while some people think they keep the house warmer. Unfortunately, they are no better or worse at this than a shingle roof.

Maintenance Is an Unnecessary Expense

Like many issues, if you can identify them early on, they cost less later down the line. When you hire regular professional roofers to check and maintain the roof, then they will notice and repair any problems before they get worse.

In addition, just because a roof is fairly new does not mean it is less susceptible to damage. If you have suffered from adverse weather, or live in an area where this is common, then maintenance is essential.

They Will Apply Any Shingles

Many people believe that all shingles are the same because they are created from the same material. However, like any product, shingles come in a huge variety. As well as different quality grades, they come in several textures and colors.

Professional roofers will not just give you any shingles. They will consult with you regarding the roof replacement and the kind of look you are searching for. After this, they will discuss a budget to see the best quality shingles available for the price.

Finding a Professional Roofing Company

Like shopping for any service, look around when searching for a good roofing company. Check online reviews and speak to others for recommendations.

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