Can I have My Bathroom Renovated During the Pandemic?

This is a question that many Australian homeowners are asking, as they are concerned about Covid-19 infection, which has wreaked havoc across the world. The short answer is yes, but depending on your location, social distancing measures might be in place, plus the renovation team would all be tested and follow company guidelines regarding Coronavirus.

Sourcing a Bathroom Renovation Company

Due to the pandemic, many businesses offer virtual consultations and if you are looking for bathroom renovations in Castle Hill, a Google search will help you make contact, then you can have an informal video meeting with one of their staff. The next step would be for a technician to pay you a home visit, where you can discuss the many design options, while social distancing would be in place. Once the representative has all the data he needs, the next step is for the designer to work their magic, which would be sent to you via email.

The Fine Details

After some minor adjustment, an agreement would be reached and a date would be scheduled for the work to begin. The price would be agreed and would be all-inclusive, with all the details on the proposal and the work would be scheduled accordingly. The sign of a good contractor is one that is customer focused and cares about the small details and only when you are really happy, is the design considered finished.

Working to your Budget

The bathroom renovation company should be able to work to your budget, providing, of course, the budget is realistic. It might involve using cheaper materials, but generally speaking, a contractor will try to work within the customer’s proposed budget.

Carrying Out the Work

The renovation team would do what they can to avoid contact (screens could be used to separate) and would be as unintrusive as possible. The team would be very experienced working in people’s homes and would be familiar with social distancing measures, reducing your concerns. With a full team, the work would be completed in a couple of days, the waste removed and you would be invited to inspect the finished installation.

Check with the Local Authorities

Prior to making any firm arrangements, check for the latest Covid-19 updates, as things can change very quickly. Once you are sure that there are no restrictions, you can go ahead and ask contractors for quotes, safe in the knowledge you are not breaking the law.