Bring in the Sun! 5 Tips for a Seamless Sunroom Addition

Make your home sunny and bright with a sunroom addition! Click here for 5 tips that will make the process of adding a sunroom simple and seamless!

Sunrooms serve a wide variety of purposes for the average homeowner. For some, a sunroom addition supports a casual lifestyle, providing the perfect space to relax, read, take a nap, host small gatherings, etc. Others may choose to use their sunroom as a type of greenhouse to continue growing plants in the colder months.

Regardless of why you’re considering adding a sunroom onto your home, there are certain steps you need to take to ensure a seamless process. Having your home under construction for a long period of time can be stressful and inconvenient.

Keep reading for our top tips on how to make your sunroom addition a breeze.

  1. Figure Out Your Budget

First, you need to know how much money you have to invest in your sunroom addition. This will determine many aspects of the new room, such as size, materials used, contractors available to you, and more.

However, this also means leaving a little wiggle room in your budget, in case any issues come up, as they often do in construction projects.

  1. Find the Right Contractor

Next, you need to find the right contractor for your sunroom addition. Not all contractors are created equally, a fact that shows through in their work.

We recommend looking at both reviews and before and after pictures of the various local contractors in your area. Customer reviews will give you a good idea of how they treat their clients. Before and after pictures will let you know what to expect from the quality of their work.

  1. Determine Your Priorities

A sunroom addition has nearly endless options in terms of comfort, function, and design. To make your dream sunroom meet your budget, you need to come up with a list of priorities.

For example, a sunroom is by definition, full of windows. But how many windows will you have and what size will they be?

Secondly, will your sunroom be for year-round usage or will it be a three-season sunroom? A year-round sunroom may require it’s own heating source.

  1. Prepare for the Logistics

As you start to align all of the prospects of your sunroom addition, you also need to consider the logistics of the project. You need to prepare for living in a house that’s partially under construction. This also means having workers in and out of your house on a daily basis until the project is done.

While it may be covered by the contracting company, you also need to consider rubbish removal. In any construction project, there’s going to be way too much rubbish for your typical waste management service to handle. Check out for some dirt-cheap rubbish removal options.

  1. Be Flexible

Lastly, remember to be flexible during this project. We mentioned earlier to afford some wiggle room in your budget. However, you should show the same flexibility in your timeline.

Set-backs such as inclement weather, sick contractors, and unforeseen issues are bound to arise. Allow yourself and everyone working on the project some grace.

Are You Planning a Sunroom Addition?

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